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Are you ready to get your beads and other jewelry-making supplies bead organization? To get your craft space in order, use these simple techniques and ideas for storage.

Is there anything better than settling into a well-kept craft room and getting ready to create something fresh and exciting? There are various advantages to having a competent organisational structure in place:

Because you know where everything is, you save time and avoid irritation. There’s no need to go on a supply hunt.

You save money because you’ll know exactly what you have and won’t purchase the same item twice.

Your family won’t be continually complaining about the beading materials strewn about the house.

Do you follow where I’m heading with this? It’s time to tidy up your craft room if it’s a cluttered mess of beads, stringing supplies, and tools strewn around and covering every available surface. Here are some simple techniques to get your beads and other supplies organised.


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Determine what types of beading supplies you have and how much of each type you have. This will necessitate some effort. Bring all of your documents together in one location and sort them into categories. Make a list of each category so you’ll know what you need to store and how to do it efficiently.

Make sure there’s enough room for growth. There are certain categories, such as beads, that you will almost certainly buy more of in the future. Not only will you need space to store extra materials, but you’ll also need space to store what you already have.

Take into account your other requirements as well. Do you have limited storage space, such as a small closet, for your supplies? Then, using shelves or pegboard, make sure to maximise vertical space. Do you prefer to carry your beading materials about with you and require portability? Perhaps keep your most often used supplies on a mobile cart.


There are several organisational styles, according to Clutterbug. Some people prefer to have everything open so they can see what they have. Others like to put their belongings in drawers or cupboards. Take the quiz to find out what kind of organiser you are.

In case you were wondering, I took the Clutterbug quiz and discovered that I am a Cricket. This implies I like little visual clutter and detailed organising techniques. That second portion is unquestionably correct. Clutter makes me nuts, and it makes me feel overwhelmed and makes it difficult for me to function in a cluttered environment.

Once you’ve decided on an organising strategy, you can choose storage options that will:

  • Make the most of your area.
  • It’s ideal if you use it for your organisational approach.
  • Allow you to maintain it with ease


There are many different types of bead storage containers to choose from. A list of suggestions is provided below. Keep in mind how much space you have and how you want to organise.

Containers for Individual Storage

Individual storage containers are available in a variety of sizes. Some are stackable, while others are packaged in a larger box to keep them together. Because you can grab one container and pour out just what you need, these are wonderful for arranging beads, especially smaller ones like seed beads.

Screw-top containers, flip-top containers, resealable plastic bags, and tubes are examples of these.

Dividers for Storage Boxes

There are various compartments in divided storage boxes. These are useful for storing multiple colours of the same type of bead or for storing findings. Instead of seed beads, I would use these types of storage boxes for larger beads or findings. Each compartment is simply accessible for grabbing what you require.

Drawers made of plastic

These are ideal for storing stuff in separate containers. For example, I keep my beads in tubes in small plastic drawers and my finds in resealable bags in small plastic drawers. Each drawer is organised by category, such as size 11 seed beads or clasps.


Hang goods on hooks to make the most of vertical space on a wall or the back of a door. If you have a lot of beads on strands, this is a good alternative. You may even do this on a larger scale without placing holes on your wall by using a pegboard system.


Items can be displayed on shelves in boxes or out in the open.


It’s time to truly organise your beading materials once you have everything in place – your beading supplies are categorised into categories, you know your organising method, and you have your storage items.

Make a plan for how you’ll separate your materials. Do you prefer to organise them by colour, size, bead type, or quality, such as sterling silver vs. silver-plated? It’s entirely up to you how you go about doing it. It’s up to you to make the organisation system work for you, not for anyone else.

Add labels whenever you’re satisfied with your organisation. This will assist you in finding everything and, more importantly, knowing where to return everything.


Make sure you keep your beads and other things organised after you’ve spent so much time organising them. When you’ve finished a beading job, return each object to its proper place.

Declutter objects you no longer like or know you won’t use every now and then. If there’s something wrong with them, give them away, sell them online, or toss them out. It’s difficult to let go of stuff you’ve spent a lot of money on, but what’s the point of keeping them and taking up valuable space if you’re not going to use them?

Just keep in mind that perfecting your organised system can take some time. Don’t be too hard on yourself and keep modifying it when problems arise. It’s taken me years to develop a system that works for me, matches my organisational approach, and fits my area. It’s lot more pleasurable to sit down and bead once you’ve found that sweet spot.

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