Best Body Lotion for Dry Skin Tips You Will Read This Year

best body lotion for dry skin

The body lotion for dry skin is different from creams and toners – you need to understand that this is 100% hydration that will be useful for any skin. This article will tell you about the best lotions of 2022, how to choose the right one, and when it is best to apply this remedy.

1. Best Body Lotion for Dry Skin Naturalium Mango

Lotion based on panthenol and mango can be classified as body creams; thanks to its nutritious composition, it perfectly nourishes the skin and is especially suitable for the dry autumn-winter season. The non-greasy texture absorbs quickly without leaving a film-like feel (although we recommend waiting 5-10 minutes after application). Packing with a dispenser, the product is easy to apply. Beauty experts note a light and pleasant scent.

2. Aravia Gentle Cleansing

Aravia’s professional line also includes Body Lotion for Dry Skin. The composition contains an extract of Aloe Vera, so the product is useful in the summer; you can apply it, for example, after sunbathing (the first 3-5 minutes, you will feel the effect of coolness). The combination of licorice root and green tea helps relieve swelling. The package is make in the form of a spray, and the lotion is easy to apply. In addition, you can appreciate the light aroma of freshness.

3. Dove Summer Glow with Self-Tanning Effect

Do you want to meet summer fully armed? Take a closer look at Dove Natural Body Lotion! Micro-bronzing particles provide a light tanning effect with frequent use. Glycerin in the composition retains moisture on the skin’s surface, which means that the product is suitable for sensitive and prone to dry skin. Due to the perfume fragrance, the product has a slightly sweetish smell; lovers of lighter aromas should consider this when buying.

lotion for dry skin

4. Nivea Q10 Energy+

A novelty in the cosmetic market is Nivea Q10 Energy + body lotion. This name is already on hearing, but now a version in improved packaging has appeared (the product does not remain on the walls). Thanks to the active coenzymes in the composition, the lotion is suitable for anti-age care after 40 years. The manufacturer claims to increase the elasticity of the skin after prolonged use.

5. Barnangen Lotion for Normal to Dry Skin

Barnangen Healing Lotion for Dry Skin will not solve the problem of atopic dermatitis – but it will help to make the skin more pleasant to the touch. Peeling cure thanks to shea, sunflower, and almond oils, and xanthan gum fights inflammation. For maximum effect, the lotion is best apply daily after shower. The Swedish product is sell in a package with a dispenser; you can easily squeeze out the required amount.

6. Body Lotion Love Beauty and Planet

The exotic Murumuru oil is a valuable remedy for the treatment of inflammation. The body lotion for Dry Skin from Love Beauty & Planet is useful for the sensitive type – with regular use, irritation disappears, the skin looks much better. The package is equipped with a dispenser, thanks to which you can easily squeeze out the required amount of lotion. There is a scented fragrance. According to reviews of beauty bloggers, the product has an excellent Best moisturizing effect without using Body Moisturizer.

lotion for dry skin

7. Body Lotion Bepanten (Bayer) Derma

Body lotion Bepanten (Bayer) Derma is suitable for the treatment of skin diseases, can be used for atopic dermatitis. Due to the high content of panthenol, not only the outer, but also the inner layer of the epidermis is restored. The texture is dense, but it is absorbed normally. A compact bottle fits in the bag.

8. Farmstay Green Tea Seed

Farmstay Korean Lotion targets hydration and nutrition: first with green tea extract, second with coconut oil. Exotic additives have a positive effect on the skin. It becomes soft, and most importantly, does not flake off, especially in the autumn-winter period). The liquid texture absorbs quickly and does not leave a film-like feel when applied in small amounts.

9. Holika Holika Cherry Blossom Body Lotion

Thanks to Shea Butter and Cherry Extract, Holika Holika Body Lotion for Dry Skin is pleasant to apply to the body. The skin becomes velvety to the touch, and a pleasant aroma envelops it. The tool is useful for minor irritations; they will heal with Aloe Vera extract. Cosmetics are also suitable for anti-age care due to the lifting effect (cocoa butter); we note that it should be used with caution during pregnancy. The packaging is equipped with a convenient dispenser.

10. Body Lotion AHAVA Deadsea Water

Body lotion for dry skin based on spring water and the Dead Sea salts is ideal for lifting. The complex of vitamins penetrates deep into the skin, providing skin tone. The product is recommended for anti-age care. The manufacturer insists on using it during the day to avoid hypertonia at night. Packaging with a convenient dispenser-spout – with its help, you will apply as much lotion as you need.