Promote the color of positivity on the court with the Purple Nike Basketball Shoes. Purple also stands as a symbol of royalty and a free-spirited athlete. No wonder we have King James and Kyrie Irving’s signature shoes available in the market.

Depending on your playing style and personal preference, some Nike models come with a more secure lockdown. Others have extra cushioning and outstanding grip. Still, others are designed to have a good combination of all of the above.

best nike purple shoes

To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve rounded up 30+ of the best Nike basketball shoes out there. After meticulous testing, we’ve selected our top picks in different categories for your quick reference. HEAD in below to have a look at our fantastic selections.

How we test Purple Nike Basketball Shoes

Given Nike’s prominence in the basketball world, quality and performance are guaranteed. Yet again, each pair of shoes on this list is engineered for a specific player in mind. With that in mind, we do the legwork to provide you with truly outstanding models in different categories. We adhere to the following procedure:

We buy all the purple basketball shoes from Nike using our own money. This is in line with our “No Sponsorship Policy” and 100% transparency.
We perform rigorous tests in the RunRepeat shoe testing lab. We cut the shoes into pieces and examine 30+ parameters such as the cushioning, grip, ankle support, bounce, upper durability, and many others.
We base all our in-depth reviews on actual wear tests in real basketball games. After numerous games, we collect feedback from our wear-testers.
We consider the reviews from other professional testers and regular users as well.

Best purple Nike basketball shoes overall


Epic cushioning
Premium materials
Nice fit
Dependable support and lockdown


Subpar traction
Seriously heavy
Looks and feels bulky


You know something’s amiss when the signature player himself gives up on his signature shoe. LeBron James has not been wearing the LeBron 19s in his games, and it looks like it’s for good measure. The traction sucks, and everything else goes down with it.

Best purple Nike low top basketball shoes


Noticeable upgrades
Amazing grip on indoor courts
Dust-resistant outsole
Smooth steps
Pretty good court feel
Dependable impact protection
Jump-improving bounce
Reliably supportive structure
True-to-size fit


Outdoor use not recommended
Not for bigger players and wide footers


The Nike Zoom Freak 4 is a worthy follow-up to the Freak 3s because of the noticeable improvement that it brings. It brings out the best in players who do a lot of rebounds and fast runs to the basket because of the high levels of energy that it returns with every step. It’s pretty safe to say that this basketball shoe from Nike is worth every penny spent on it.

best nike purple shoes


Best value purple Nike basketball shoes

Dependable bite on the court
Nice heel impact protection
Plenty of forefoot court feel
Durable upper
Comfortable materials
Reliable support and stability
Smooth steps

Too stretchy upper
Narrow fit
Questionable durability

The Renew Elevate 3 is a no non-sense purple Nike basketball shoes, and it’s yours for a fairly affordable price. Every element in this shoe performs as a complement to one another, and no feature stands out or lags behind too much. It stands to deliver a basketball player’s needs, especially if they are new and just starting to discover their play style.

Most popular purple Nike basketball shoes

Great traction
Amazing slip-in comfort
Effective bounciness
Nice impact protection
Dependable support
Durable upper
Good for wide-footers

So-so court feel
Not durable for outdoors

Though its name is suggestive of it, the Nike LeBron 19 Low is not just the LeBron 19 with its high collar cut off. It feels like a different shoe altogether, and a better one at that!

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