How to Create Any Look with an Eyeshadow Palette

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It’s easy to become overwhelmed while using a Cheap Eyeshadow Palette. Whether you’re using a four-, six-, eight-, or sixteen-pan palette, deciding where to put the colours can be a guessing game. A shade too black in the centre of the lid may convert your seductive, smokey eye into Halloween makeup, while a shade too light on the lash line will make your dazzling, sparkly glam look flat. We met with celebrity makeup artist Billie Gene to learn how to use an eyeshadow pallet and break free from your one-swipe, one-shade eyeshadow rut. Get his advice on how to create any look with an eyeshadow pallet by reading on.

 STEP 1: Pick a style that suits you.

 It’s crucial to decide out what kind of look you’re going for before getting your brush out and slapping down the shadow. Your colour choices for the lid, crease, and centre will be influenced by this. “If you want an easy, soft look, stick to lighter colours with minimal glitter or shimmer that are close to your skin tone,” Gene advises. “Go for bigger shimmers and darker, daring tones if you want a more dramatic look.”

 STEP 2: Select a Lid Color

 The next step is to choose the colour that will be put on your eyelid now that you have an image in your head. Because this will be the focal point of your makeup look, Gene recommends choosing the colour that appeals to you the most. Before moving on to the next step, apply the colour with a flat brush across the eyelid. Place the shadow on the location where you can feel your eyeball as a general guideline.

 STEP 3: Select a Crease Color

 After that, you’ll use a crease shade to assist define the curve of your lids. For this phase, use a fluffy blending brush. “For the maximum definition, I definitely recommend going with a matte rather than a sparkly finish,” Gene advises. “You may change the contour of your eyes and add depth to your lids by using the crease shade.” Swarm and Keeper, which are warm orange tones from the Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette, are ideal for a natural look if you have a light to medium skin tone. Similarly, the colours Hive, Drip, and Sting are wonderful matte brown options if you have a darker skin tone and want to add natural definition.

 However, Gene advises that if you want to achieve a darker, smouldering eye appearance and want to use a richer, deeper crease colour, managing placement is crucial. “Be sure to apply extra shadow gradually and blend it out by rotating your brush in circular motions.”

 How to Create Any Look with a Cheap Eyeshadow Palette

STEP 4: Make Your Lash Line Deeper

 “To intensify your look, use a darker shade on the lash line and on the lower, outer corner of the lid,” Gene advises. It’s important to use a smaller, shorter blending brush for this phase. As you add depth to your style, it will help you maintain control and precision. When applying colour, Gene advises that you allow enough space on the lid to blend it out. Less is invariably more. If you want to get a smoky eye, apply a deeper shade to the outer ‘V’ portion of the lid.

STEP 5: Add a splash of colour to your eye

 Choose a lighter colour in your palette to brighten up your look. This colour should be used around the inner corners of the eyes or along the high brow bone. Choose a glittery shade from the Naked Honey palette, such as HBIC, a shimmering copper, and dab it onto the centre of the lid to really enhance the glam factor.

I can draw a cat eye with precision with a liner, but eyeshadow? I find the application process frightening and time-consuming. However, there is one thing that will encourage me to experiment with eyeshadow: a decent palette with complementary colours, such as the NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Utopia Palette.

The palette’s rainbow of options, which include orange and copper browns, light mauves, and mild blues, make it simple to combine tones together without much consideration.

Because the brown, red, and orange hues in this Cheap Eyeshadow Palette inspired me so much, I chose to create my look around them. I started with Shade 39, a deep orange, and used a flat shader brush to apply it all over the lid. The pigmented colour payoff quickly amazed me. Shade 27, a reddish copper, was used for my crease to warm up my eyes and give a deeper, more vibrant contrast to the appearance. I swirled this into my crease and a bit above it with a fluffier brush for a great round shape.

I next used a tapered brush to draw Shade 19, which reminds me of a chai latte, along my upper and lower lash line. This added a little depth to the look. To end, I used Shade 26, a lovely golden glitter, to add a pop to the centre of each lid.

Winged liner, mascara, and a spritz of the Urban Decay All Nighter Ultra Matte Setting Spray completed the look. I’m pleased to report that the shadow did not crease, smudge, or slip throughout the day.

Palette NYX utopia

Last Thoughts

This palette actually helped me appreciate the process of applying makeup, which is something I rarely do. Because all of the tones complement each other, this shadow collection does all of the work for you. There are a plethora of choices, but you can’t go wrong with any of them.


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