Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Beginners

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When buying your first palette, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Whether this is your first Cheap Eyeshadow Palette or your first “real” eyeshadow palette (not a Claire’s one), there are a few things I’d like to share and explain about makeup to help you pick a wonderful palette!

Single Shadows vs. Eyeshadow Palettes

Individual shades, which you can buy as single shadows and mix and match yourself, and Cheap Eyeshadow Palette, which comprise many hues in some form of colour scheme, are the two primary product categories of eyeshadow.

Instead of using single shadows, I recommend using a palette for beginners.

It can be tempting to buy only three or four individual tones, especially if you haven’t worn cosmetics in a long time. However, selecting colours that would appear beautiful when blended on the eye can be difficult.

When you buy a pre-made palette, you usually get a bunch of different colour options that all go nicely together within the palette’s colour scheme. You don’t have to consider formula interaction, shade undertones, or colour theory as much as you would if you choose each shade individually.

Finishes for Eyeshadow

The Cheap Eyeshadow Palette come in a variety of finishes and formulations. Mattes and shimmers are the two I’d want to concentrate on. Check out my full guide to eyeshadow for additional information on other makeup finishes including satins, glitters, metallics, and more.

Flat colours with no glitter in the formula are known as matte eyeshadows. They’re usually the foundation of a cosmetics look.

Glitter eyeshadows are iridescent colours that give the eyes dimension and, well, shimmer. They can be worn alone, but they’re usually layered over matte tones.

When looking for your first eyeshadow palette, I recommend looking for one with 3 to 5 matte hues in a variety of colours. Aim for light, a dark, and one to three mid-toned hues.

In addition, for dimension, I would aim for about 2-3 shimmers in a palette. Look for a lighter shimmer as well as a couple of mid-toned shimmer hues. These aren’t required, but they’re a lot of fun and help tie your outfit together.

Palette Dimensions

Mega palettes, tiny palettes, and every size palette in between are available.

When you’re first starting out, go for a small to the medium-sized palette with four to fifteen colours.

If you only have four colours, you won’t be able to experiment and create more than one or two different eyeshadow looks. If you have dozens of shades to pick from, on the other hand, you may experience the “too many jams” problem, where you are overwhelmed by too many options and don’t use the majority of the colours in the palette.

Color Palette

For beginners, neutral eyeshadows are a fantastic choice. They are quite wearable for all circumstances and are easier to learn with than, say, a bright hot pink colour.

Colourpop’s 9 pan palettes and rainbow palettes are great places to start if you want to jump right into coloured eyeshadows. See what eyeshadows work best with different eye colours in this post.

What to Look For in a TL;DR

A neutral eyeshadow palette with a combination of matte and shimmer tones that includes 4-15 shades.

Beginner’s Guide to Eyeshadow Palettes

ColourPop’s Going Coconuts

It’s no secret that ColourPop is one of my favourite companies if you’ve been following me for a while. Their makeup is inexpensive, high-quality, and there are so many selections that you’ll be able to pick the right palette for you.

Colourpop has a plethora of palettes to choose from. Despite the fact that I only have one main recommendation, this section provides a variety of palettes to pick from.

Going Coconuts is my top choice and one of the best eyeshadow palettes for beginners. This nine-colour palette is chock-full of real neutrals, with four mattes, four shimmers, and one sequin hue — plenty of diversity. Going Coconuts is best suited for complexion tones ranging from fair to medium-dark. Going Coconuts might not be the greatest choice for you if you have a dark to deep skin tone. Instead, try Wild Child, a similar palette with darker tones. It contains the same ColorPop formula that I adore, but with colours that are more appropriate for darker skin tones.

Nude Mood for warm neutrals, Blush Crush for pink neutrals, and That’s Taupe for chilly neutrals are a few more options.

More information on Nude Mood can be found by clicking here. More information about Blush Crush can be found by clicking here. More information on That’s Taupe may be found by clicking here.

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Soft Glam

Soft Glam by ABH is the answer if you’re seeking a single high-end eyeshadow palette that you can use for nearly any occasion.

This palette was inspired by bridal makeup and captures the “soft glam” vibes well. There are numerous lovely brown neutrals, as well as a variety of champagne and gold-toned shimmers and a few pinky-toned hues.

A little version of Soft Glam is available here if you’re seeking something similar but smaller.

More information on the Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette may be found by clicking here.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Bite Sized Eyeshadows

If you want to spend as little money as possible on eyeshadow or just want a tiny palette, e.l.f. is the way to go!

These “Bite-Sized” palettes come in four colours, the majority of which have two mattes and two shimmers.

I prefer the “Cream & Sugar” palette or the “Truffles” option, which is a little darker. Both are great for novices because they have neutral mattes and shimmers. Because these palettes are so low-cost (did I mention they’re only $3?) I’d grab both and mix & match them for extra variation!

More information about Bite-Size Eyeshadows may be found by clicking here. More information about Bite-Size Eyeshadows may be found by clicking here.

Tarte Cosmetics’ Tartlette In Bloom

A firm, pigmented clay eyeshadow recipe housed in a stunning, heavy-duty case? Please, yes! Tartlette in Bloom is a 12-shade palette with a whopping nine mattes and three shimmers.

To be honest, the shimmers aren’t my favourite formula (albeit they are subtle, so if you like them, go for it!) The mattes, on the other hand, are outstanding. While some of the colours may appear to be the same in the pan, they have different undertones, allowing you to create a warm or cool-toned look with one palette.

Beginner’s Guide to Eyeshadow Palettes

There seems to be a limitless number of palettes on the market, and it’s difficult to figure out what the best eyeshadow palettes for beginners are simply because there are so many to pick from.

I considered including 10 or 15 of the greatest palettes for beginners in this list, but I remember being overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available to me as a beginning. I’m convinced that this shortlist has selections that would all make excellent beginner palettes.

Please let me know if you’d like more recommendations for great eyeshadow palettes for beginners, whether it’s extra neutral palettes or something more colourful, in the comments section below!

What was your go-to “entry-level” eyeshadow palette? I used to have an e.l.f Cosmetics palette that is no longer available, and then I upgraded to a Morphe palette that is considerably larger.

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