Best eyeshadow palettes we tested in 2022, with a makeup artist’s tips

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I’m a huge Anastasia Beverly Hills fan (I buy almost everything the brand makes), but the Soft Glam cheap eyeshadow palette is especially lovely. For Christmas date night looks, I’ve been digging the “sultry” and “dusty rose” tones, as well as “glistening” and “mulberry.”

“Color theory helps make eye colour sparkle in their own particular manner,” celebrity makeup artist Alana Wright told the Washington Post. “To guarantee that the eye look achieved has dimension, it’s best to use a range of textures, such as shimmer, matte, and satin.”

I wouldn’t call myself a cosmetic addict, but I’ve been watching YouTube makeup tutorials since I was in middle school. Since then, I’ve spent my time studying and testing the most well-known eyeshadow palettes, as well as lesser-known items I’ve felt compelled to try.

I’m a tan and neutral girl, but in the spring and fall, I’ll wear a light lavender or a rich auburn tone. Eyeshadow palettes are also one of my favourite travel requirements – why bring individual shadows when you can have a variety at your fingertips?

I stashed the sparkly, matte, and multicoloured palettes in my vanity after blending until I couldn’t blend any more to compile this list of some of the finest eyeshadow palettes of 2022. You’ll also be on your way to finding your go-to package that’s as good as gold thanks to a FAQ with our makeup artist specialist.

Eyeshadow Frequently Asked Questions

It’s always helpful to have another eyeshadow technique or best practice in your makeup arsenal, whether you’re a beginner or a master. Our makeup artist expert is here to answer some often asked questions. Here’s a quick rundown of her credentials:

Alana Wright is a makeup artist with experience in print, television, and red carpet events who moved to Los Angeles from New York City. Her clients have included popular authors like Elaine Welteroth, the former editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue, and Frank Ocean.

What’s one eyeshadow trick that everyone should know?

“My go-to makeup tip is to always use an emollient shadow foundation (concealer or shadow primer) before applying eyeshadow,” Wright explained.

Shadow Insurance by Too Faced is unsurpassed as a personal recommendation.

How do I make a simple makeup look?

“Pairing a neutral hue with your bronzing powder is an excellent way to achieve an effortless everyday shadow look,” she says. “Apply any neutral shadow colour to the lower lid and use the bronzer as a crease colour.” I like to apply both tones using a fluffy domed shadow brush because it performs most of the blending for me.”

Wright also suggests using a smaller, firm, and flat brush to build up a more vivid colour on the lid as much as required. “Circle back and soften any hard edges with your fluffy domed shadow brush to produce a wonderful diffused effect,” she advises.

As a beginner, how can I try out different colours of eyeshadow?

“Ease into it” or “dive right in,” Wright advises.

“For me, the easiest technique would be to apply the coloured shadow like eyeliner with a little angled liner brush,” she explains. “A crisp line is achieved by joining little dashes together in a delicate dabbing motion while applying the shadow along the top lash line.”

She also suggests mixing the shadow onto the lid with a flat shadow placement brush if additional colour is desired.

When an eyeshadow palette ‘expires,’ how long should I keep it?

“The typical shelf life of cosmetics is 36 months,” Wright added, “but I find powdered goods survive far longer.” “Spray the surface of your eyeshadow palette with 70% isopropyl alcohol every now and then to make sure it’s cleaned. The product will remain unchanged when the isopropyl alcohol evaporates.”

What can I do to make my eyes stand out more?

“Color theory may assist make eye colour pop in their own special manner,” Wright explains. She gives an outline of which colours look best with each eye colour and how they complement it:

·         Brown eyes: Various shades of blue, such as navy and teal, as well as deep plums.

·         Purples and green colours can be found in green and hazel eyes.

·         Violet, crimson, orange, and warm gold tones in blue and grey eyes.

Natasha Deonna’s Bronze Eyeshadow Palette is a tried-and-true favourite, so it’s no surprise that the brand’s new Retro cheap eyeshadow palette made the list. When I’m going for a romantic date night look, I reach for this palette because of the lovely peony-toned hues.

Furthermore, this 15-toned palette is one of the easiest to blend I’ve seen, which is fantastic because rose-toned hues (when excessively pigmented and difficult to blend) may make you look like you have an eye infection (no thanks)! So, this palette is incredible, especially the colours “andy,” “patty,” and “nude mauve.”

Let’s go right to the point: this palette is just amazing. It has a little bit of everything (purples, orange tones, and burned cranberries) while being neutral.

The Lolita Por Vida Eyeshadow Palette from KVD Beauty is special in that the colours “Reina” and “luna” are larger than normal and, coincidentally, both are two of the most wearable for everyday wear. Furthermore, each colour is a perfect match for the one before it.

ILIA’s The Necessary Eyeshadow Palette is perfect for a quick swipe of a glittering lid colour, a good crease colour, and some alternatives for your outer corner, as its name suggests.

eye shadow palette

I adore the elegant packaging, how pigmented and well-balanced the tones appear on the skin, and how easy it is to throw in your little bag for a night out. It’s one of my most recommended palettes for around $40.

The Too Faced Natural Eyes Eyeshadow Palette is the best option if you’re looking for a neutral eyeshadow palette that can be worn every day. Its three huge lid hues (which may also be used as a face highlight) and rich gold, plum, and espresso crease colours are particularly appealing.

Courtesy: Cheap eyeshadow palette.

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