It’s time to confess. I’ve amassed a collection of Cheap Eyeshadow Palette totalling over 100. Now, because I prefer neutral makeup, some might assume they’re all the same (one of whom is my spouse), but they all have small variances. While you may be hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day, there is a slew of occasions leading up to it (your engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, etc.) when you’ll want to look your best. In addition, we’re sure you’ll be invited to a lot of other weddings this season. While hiring a beauty professional for all of these gatherings may not be feasible, these neutral eyeshadow palettes will get you ready for any wedding party on your calendar.

When it comes to cosmetics, a neutral Cheap Eyeshadow Palette is a way to go because of its versatility and wearability. All you need are a few pigmented mattes and high-shine shimmers to go from natural glam to seductive and sensuous for that romantic date night. And these seven best neutral eyeshadow palettes contain all you need—and then some!

Here are our picks for the best neutral Cheap Eyeshadow Palette on the market, according to experts. Brittany Lo, the beauty expert and creator and CEO of Beautini, was even contacted to discover what she keeps in her bag! Plus, because it’s my job to evaluate makeup, I’ve spent months researching and testing the 10 BEST neutral eyeshadow palettes… and now I’m ready to reveal my top ten!

I’ve got a combination of high-end and low-cost items here. I’ve attempted to include something for everyone. Most of these palettes are around £20-£30, however, a couple are more pricey. Cool neutrals, warmer neutrals, and pinker neutrals are all available. Everything from Colourpop to Bare Minerals to Violet Voss is in my collection. In my 10 Best Neutral Cheap Eyeshadow Palette, I’m confident you’ll discover the right palette at a variety of price points, so let’s get started!


Let’s get this one out of the way first on my list of the 10 best neutral eyeshadow palettes, because it’s the most colourful of the bunch. It’s characterised as a rosy neutral palette, which I believe is accurate, but if you see the rest of the palettes on my list, you’ll find that this is the most colourful!

This palette is one of my all-time favourites from Colorpop. It has browny neutrals, rosy neutrals, burgundy neutrals, and more… It’s quite adaptable, and you can create some stunning styles with it.

This palette isn’t new, but it’s one of my favourites, and I hope Colorpop doesn’t retire it. In terms of neutrals, this is clearly on the warmer side of the spectrum, but it’s very stunning.

Colourpop shadows are fantastic for the price. Their formula is improving all the time. I suppose I’ll have to produce a separate post about the greatest Colourpop cosmetics soon because I adore it so much.


These Bare Minerals palettes are little, but they pack a punch! I have all four colourways, but I didn’t want to fill up this post with the same palette, even if they are all quite neutral.

This neutral palette, as well as the rose-coloured palettes, are my favourites. The rose one isn’t quite as rosy as it appears. It’s a cool neutral palette with a tinge of pink, in my opinion. This neutral palette is ideal for travelling.

It only comes in six colours, but it contains everything you need to create stunning eye looks. You’ll need an all-over setting shade, a transition shade, two darker tones, and two shimmer hues for the lids.

A one-and-done palette is one of my favourites. I don’t want to have to utilise eight different palettes to create a look for my eyes. The gen nude eyeshadow recipe is also one of my favourites. These shadows have a buttery texture, are highly pigmented, and blend easily. I buy limited-edition versions of these palettes whenever Bare Minerals releases them!


I have a lot of MAC x9 palettes, but this is by far my favourite. Another reason I didn’t include the Bare Minerals Rose palette on my list is that it is extremely similar to this one.

This is the ideal cool-toned neutral palette, with a bit of pink and grey thrown in for good measure. I love this palette and use it all the time. It’s a piece of cake. When I’m in a hurry and don’t know what to wear, I reach for this palette, and every look turns out flawlessly. It’s just incredibly comfortable to wear!

MAC eyeshadows are a classic; they aren’t the most pigmented on the market, but they are, on the whole, very easy to work with. I’ve owned a couple of limited edition palettes with a few duds, but I mostly love MAC’s eyeshadows.

If you’re like me and have a lot of Cheap Eyeshadow Palette, these tiny palettes are perfect! If you just have one palette and use it every day, full size is ideal. However, realistically, I’ll never be able to use all of them.

With a tiny palette, there’s a much better possibility of that happening, therefore these MAC ones are fantastic. They’re always incredibly well-coordinated, and I adore the colours.

Because there aren’t many deeper tones in this palette, I don’t think it’ll be ideal for those with a darker complexion. However, because I generally can’t find a transition shade in a palette because it’s too dark for me, this palette is ideal for fair individuals!


Last year, while on vacation in Switzerland, I purchased this palette. It rapidly became a favourite of mine, and my affection for it hasn’t waned. It’s really wonderful. It’s little, yet it’s quite attractive and wearing.

This is another palette that is simple to use. You may apply a shimmer colour all over the lid or do a whole look with this palette, and the looks I’ve created with it are always perfect for any occasion.

This palette has three shimmers and three mattes. They all do a fantastic job. The mattes are among the greatest I’ve ever seen. The shimmers aren’t spectacular, but they’re rather lovely. The variety of colours in this palette appeals to me. You have the mattes to base the look, but you can add a flash of pink, gold, or brown shimmer on the lid for a pop of colour.

I brought makeup palettes with me when we were on vacation, but after I got this on the second day, I didn’t use anything else! I was able to create a little different look every day, which is fantastic for a palette with only six colours.

For me, the Nars Cheap Eyeshadow Palette formula is hit or miss. Others are extremely soft and pigmented, while others are drier and dustier. I’m not a fan of the mixed sparkly formula they use. There aren’t any of those in this palette, thankfully!


The price hike is annoying because these used to be £22, but you know how much I love Milani, and this palette is no exception.

I’d wanted this palette for years, but it was one of those things that kept being pushed to the back of my mind whenever new, exciting makeup was released.

But I’m glad I finally bit the bullet and purchased this palette. It was $9 on Amazon US, but they no longer ship to the UK.

This is a cool-toned palette with a few warmer colours thrown in for good measure. The mattes are fantastic, while the shimmers demand a little more effort but aren’t bad. Some are creamier than others, but I find that they don’t pick up on a brush and require some fingerwork to build up.

Although these shadows aren’t super foiled, you can make them look beautiful by spraying your brush with MAC Fix+.

This palette has a lot of darker colours, so it’s suitable for all complexion tones. I think Milani did an excellent job of balancing the lighter and darker colours in this palette. The mattes are stunning and merge seamlessly. They definitely have the look and feel of high-end shadows.

There are rumours that this palette may be phased out… I have no idea if that is correct, but if it is, I will be devastated because I adore this palette!


This palette is a cult classic! It’s also the palette I used on my wedding day, so it’s really meaningful to me.

I admire Tarte’s ability to create a palette that is both warm and cold while remaining cohesive. Warmer, orange-toned browns, colder deep browns, and a couple of pinker tones make up the palette. I adore Tarte’s clay eyeshadow formula; it’s really stunning. All of the colours are pigmented, so blending has never been an issue for me.

The shimmers are lovely, but the light gold colour has developed some hardpan, making it a little crumbly. However, this palette is beginning to show its age, so it could be due to that as well. I should definitely get another, but I can’t get rid of this one because it has sentimental value!

If you’re looking for a single palette to use for all types of eye looks, I’d say this is definitely worth the money. It has everything you could ever want in a palette. Warm looks, cool looks, lighter looks, and deeper appearances are all possible. This palette is great, in my opinion!


Too Faced’s Natural and Natural Matte palettes have become highly popular. I have the original Matte, but I didn’t get this one because I didn’t like the original’s shades.

Some people object to the fact that they are constantly altering and upgrading these palettes. Typically, one or two colours differ from the preceding one, as well as the packaging. I don’t mind if they change it, and I must add that I prefer this Natural Eyes palette over the previous ones. The original matte palette, on the other hand, is my favourite.

This palette is stunning, and it smells incredible! It reminds me of a baby doll I used to have, therefore it transports me back to my youth. It smells like talcum powder. If you’re not a fan of scented shadows, you might want to pass on this one. Although I believe it is the least obnoxious of the Too Faced scented shadows.

This palette is similar to Tartelette in Bloom, except there are more shimmers in it. Too Faced’s formula might be hit or miss, but I believe this is the best formula they’ve ever released.

These Cheap Eyeshadow Palette have a silky feel to them. The shimmers are beautiful and simple to work with, while the mattes blend well. I adore this colour scheme. It isn’t the most adaptable item on the list, but it can be used to create a variety of looks. It still has everything you need to put together a look.

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Yes, there are 50 hues of brown in this palette, but I can’t help but love it, and it had to make my list of the 10 Best Neutral Cheap Eyeshadow Palette! I also really like their Holy Grail palette and almost included it in this roundup. However, I believe this is the ideal palette for bridal makeup professional or someone who needs a large palette with every shade of wearable brown/taupe available. If you prefer warmer colours with hints of orange and burgundy, the HG palette is for you.

The consistency is incredible, extremely pigmented, and extremely simple to work with. The gleams are really spectacular. I have every single one of Violet Voss’s large palettes, and I adore them all. They aren’t exactly travel-friendly, but I wanted to include a variety of colours in this post. It’s not an article about travel-friendly palettes (but that’s something I need to tackle as well!) So, regardless of size, I wanted to include the ten finest neutral eyeshadow palettes.

This also has a combination of cooler and warmer tones, which I like. I’m not someone who can pull off very warm colours, so this is ideal for me. I’ve owned this palette for a few years and the shimmers haven’t hardened and all of the shadows still perform as well as they did when I first received it.

These palettes, in my opinion, are well worth the increased price. You’ll get 20 colours, and this is a palette I use regularly. I do own their Ride or Die palette, which is massive. It’s bigger than my face and comes in every colour imaginable, but I don’t use it very often because it’s so big! These palettes are quite large, but not so large that they are unusable.


This is the newest palette in my collection, and it has quickly made its way into my drawers. This palette is fantastic! It’s earned a spot in my Top 10 Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes because I’ve used it so much since I acquired it. I know I just mentioned a Too Faced palette, but this one has a much wider colour range. It’s based on their Born This Way foundation and comes in a variety of tones ranging from light to dark. This palette has a warmer tone to it, but it’s not too warm, so it’s really wearable.

The mattes are wonderful, but the shimmers require a little more effort. They don’t use a dry brush or even a finger to apply it. Only by spraying my brush with Fix+ was I able to keep them on my lid and make them look like a shimmer.

This palette’s colours are very stunning. The palette is stunning when viewed as a whole. I particularly like the copper shimmer hue and the dusty pink/mauve colour.

The layout of this palette is fantastic. Of course, you may choose any hues you want, but the way it progresses from light to dark, with all the taupe shades together, then the pink, and finally the deep brown, is a good starting point. It is incredibly user-friendly as a result of this.

I debated buying this palette for a long time because of the varied reviews. However, I’m delighted I purchased it because it’s a fantastic addition to my collection.


The Urban Decay naked palette collection is undoubtedly one of the most well-known in the world. They were probably the first to start doing the 12 shade palettes in earnest. Any list of the 10 Best Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes would be incomplete without an Urban Decay palette, in my opinion!

There have been a few Urban Decay naked palettes that I didn’t care for, but they are generally good. This Naked Reloaded palette, in my opinion, is the greatest of the group. It’s comparable to Anastasia’s Sultry palette, however, it’s a little less expensive.

Urban Decay shadows are also easier to work with than Anastasia shadows. They have a lighter pigment, require more layering, but aren’t intimidating to use. Even the tiniest touch into a shadow in an Anastasia palette can result in a dot of vivid colour that I can’t blend out. But, since I’m not a make-up artist, I’d rather have shadows that can be built up.

The recipe isn’t groundbreaking, especially considering how far eyeshadow palettes have come since the Naked brand debuted. However, I believe it is a decent, blendable formula that everyone can use and benefit from.


This palette appears to be quite large, but it isn’t! It’s about the same size as the Violet Voss I mentioned earlier, but it comes in 30 different colours.

All of these colours swatch beautifully, and the ones I’ve tried thus far have been fantastic.

There are much too many creamy/pale colours, in my opinion. The first two rows are all cream/beige in various colours. There are several colours that, when worn on the eye, appear to be the same. Although I appreciate that they have included colours that pale folks can utilise as transitions, I believe there are far too many. They should have added a few darker tones, but this palette is still a fantastic investment in my opinion.

Warm tones, chilly tones, very pale shimmers, deep shimmers, red tones, and black are all present. It’s a great all-in-one palette because it includes a black that can also be used as a liner. I’m looking forward to playing with it some more!

PHEW! That was a lot of fun! That concludes my list of the 10 Best Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes. I sincerely hope you find this information helpful and that you have discovered a palette that suits your needs. This was a difficult challenge because I have so many neutral eyeshadows!

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