10 of the best cheap eyeshadow palettes for every look, and eye color

While selecting one of the best cheap eyeshadow palette may appear to be a simple task—after all, who doesn’t enjoy swatching and playing with colours?—it’s more difficult than it appears. The possibilities are unlimited with so many hues, finishes, and brands to pick from

Because the goods we put on our faces can do so much for our confidence and self-expression, reassessing what’s inside our make-up bags is just as crucial as reassessing our clothes—a.k.a. our capsule wardrobe.

Dipping into a well-chosen cheap eyeshadow palette can do more than bring back memories of pre-COVID, brushed-up-next-to-a-stranger-at-the-bar evening jaunts—it can also bring out both your eye colour and skin tone, elevating your look to make five minutes of work look like you’ve had a private session with Charlotte Tillbury herself.

During our search, we discovered and tested several amazing eyeshadow palettes on the market (which you can see all of below), including options for all budgets, from high-end to low-end. Sleek MakeUP I-Divine Palette surpasses all expectations for a cheap palette, while Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Eye Palette in Pillow Talk is the perfect all-rounder that suits any eye colour and checks all the boxes with its broad variety of lovely pink tones.


Charlotte Tilbury is recognised for her elegantly packaged cosmetics and high-quality formulas, and this palette is no exception. It’s all you need for a dreamy, romantic, and soft appearance.

The palette’s colours, which include a variety of pink and nude hues, are flattering on almost any eye colour, and it includes just the ideal mix of mattes and shimmers to take you from day to night and everywhere in between. While the four separate trios make it a good choice for beginners or those who like a more straightforward make-up routine, the hues may also be mixed and matched for more dynamic looks that still blend well.

We particularly like the powder’s texture, which allows just the right amount of product to be collected on the brush for a powerful pigment application without going overboard. Our main gripe was that the smokey shades lacked the punch we were looking for when it came to darker skin tones, and we also noticed that the product accumulated significantly in the eyelid crease after a full day of usage, even with a primer underneath. However, it did not fade for the majority of the day, so a spritz of setting spray over the top might be all you need.

The characteristic rose gold case gives you a sense of how unique this palette is and would look fabulous on any dressing table—we couldn’t write about a Charlotte Tilbury product without discussing the aesthetics as well. J’adore!


A splurge is sometimes essential, and if you’re all about self-care days and want to lift your mood, this is the one to get right now. It may seem like a large purchase for only a few hues, but the excellent return on investment is well worth it.

The delicate and appealing tones in this luxury offering from Suqqu, a results-driven Japanese company, are to die for. The delicate texture is easy to work with and has a lot of impacts, but it’s also powdery enough to build up for more intense colour. While this palette features our favourite colour combination from the collection, there are a variety of other colours to pick from, all of which are of the same great quality. In addition, the compact size and integrated mirror and brush make it easy to carry in your handbag for any last-minute touch-ups.


The Sleek All Night Long was love at first sight for us, proving that an eyeshadow palette doesn’t have to cost more than a night out. With a mixture of mattes and shimmers that make it a lot more versatile than it might appear at first appearance, we’re anxious to delve in and start mixing and matching to create the ideal look for us.

We adore the pop of red that pairs well with glittering chocolate, pretty muted mauve, or glamorous gold, and the high-quality pigment ensures that each hue stands out even on darker skin tones, making it one of the cheap eyeshadow palettes for dark complexion on our list. One criticism we had was that the formula only stayed in place for a few hours, so a spritz of a decent setting spray could be beneficial with this one.


The only way to describe this palette is WOW! With their distinctive Naked palettes, Urban Decay has garnered a cult following, but this departure from the Naked collection may be our favourite to date. With its broken stone background and jewel-encrusted lid, the luxury package makes us feel like we’ve just unearthed a wealth of sparkling treasure.

Then there’s the product itself—a small amount goes a long way. With a selection of greens, blues, purples, and a handful of warmer hues packed full of sparkly pigment, the exhibition of sparkle-laden shades is nothing short of stunning. You’ll get enough glitter for a Coachella Pinterest page if you tap the powder more gently than you would on your iPhone screen. Combine with one of the palette’s four matte and shimmer tones, or layer on top of one of your other favourites.


Too Faced’s Born This Way foundations and concealers are made to complement the natural tones of all skin tones, and this cheap eyeshadow palette is no exception. You may create a choice of neutral looks to suit your skin tone with four different groupings of lovely neutral tones, ranging from champagne to a rosy nude combo, a caramel gold alternative, and a smooth chocolate appearance.

The mattes and shimmers have a satin-like finish, and the inclusion of coconut water and hyaluronic acid in the recipe makes lids feel smoother, even after a long day of wearing make-up.


When you want to go a little more creative with your look, this palette is the way to go. The colour palette is ideal, with a mix of vibrant hues and neutral tones. The matte alternatives provide a solid basis of colour for your look, which is then complemented by the glittering shadows, which provide a very eye-catching finish. A bold, blendable, and well-balanced palette that would be a good buy for any make-up enthusiast.


This versatile collection, which is a make-up artist’s favourite, combines cool-toned tones with slightly warmer tints to create a winter Pick & Mix of cheap eyeshadow palettes. The frosty touch of the two blue tints, which effectively combine with the warmer but lighter peachy colours, has us completely smitten.


If you’re as anti-sparkle as a certain Whoville resident, this collection is for you. When looking at the colours in this all-matte palette, the only word that comes to mind is “dreamy,” with rich smoky tones to shape the eye and offer a subtle punch of impact, and peachy mattes to emphasise the brow bone. But the row of rosy mattes that sweep on a layer of romance for a soft but seductive finish has to be our favourite portion. If you like a more natural make-up look, this is a terrific option.

Silver cheap eyeshadow palette

While the lack of mattes in this one may be a turnoff for some, we secretly love it since it makes it a fantastic option for adding a touch of glitz to this time of year. If you’re a complete make-up newbie, though, this may not be the best solution for you because matching the hues can be tough.


When it comes to making blue eyes stand out, nothing beats a touch of gold with a sprinkling of pink shimmer. And you’ll get all of that and more with this palette. This collection of colours will work with blue eyes in two ways: to create a bold radiance or to create an understated elegance. Because the powders are so small, we recommend using these shadows together than separately, as the matte alternatives are great for adding a base of colour to the eyelid before applying the shimmer. One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need a lot of product to create an impact, as the eyeshadows themselves are quite mild at first.


We couldn’t choose just one palette because there are so many lovely things you can do with this uncommon eye colour. The NARS Quad cheap eyeshadow palette is our favourite because of the wonderfully matched colours that work together to create a single striking look, and the compact size makes it easy to throw in your bag for a quick touch-up.

Silver Screen was created to live in harmony with grey eyes, pearly white, two silver versions, and a powdered smokey black. If you prefer something more striking, the Bayadère’s warm golds with a hint of scarlet can make grey eyes sparkle for a dramatic effect. Sure, it’s pricey—but we think it’s well worth it.

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