Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Every Budget & Style

Cheap eyeshadow palette

Cheap Eyeshadow Palette are a must-have in any makeup bag. Eye palettes are, in fact, one of the most popular products created by beauty brands and independent beauty gurus. But how does one choose the ideal eyeshadow palette for her makeup needs among the hundreds of variations available? we’ve picked together the best of the best in eye palettes, as well as some buying advice to help you choose.

Best Eyeshadow Palettes Overview

Best Budget: Lamora Matte Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

Best Brights: Morphe The James Charles Palette

Best Neutral: Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette

Best Warm-Toned: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette 

Best Design: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Snap Shadows Mix & Match Eyeshadow Palette

Best Nudes for Every Skin Tone: Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Best Value: Beauty Glazed Gorgeous Me Eyeshadow Tray Palette  

Best Matte: Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Best Pressed Powder: ColourPop Truly Madly Deeply Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette

Best for a Night Out: Pat McGrath Labs Mothership V Eyeshadow Palette in Bronze Seduction

Best for Travel: Urban Decay Born to Run Eyeshadow Palette

Best for Eye Contouring: Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette   

Best for Everyday: Natasha Denona Biba All Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

Best Luxury: Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette

Best for On-the-Go: NARS Voyage Eyeshadow Palette Mini

Best Mineral: Sleek MakeUp Vintage Romance Eyeshadow Palette

Best Shimmer: Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette

Best for Smokey Eyes: Melt Cosmetics Smoke Sessions Eyeshadow Palette

Best Drugstore: NYX Professional Makeup Warm Neutral Ultimate Shadow Palette

Best for Makeup Pros: Sephora Collection Sephora PRO New Nudes Palette

Best Blushed Neutrals: Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

Our Picks of the Best Eyeshadow Palettes

This best point list has an eyeshadow palette for every occasion, from the best value and color to the finest nude and best for a night out.

Naked3 Palette by Urban Decay

Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside, and Blackheart are the best eyeshadow palettes ever, with 12 colours centered primarily on nudes and pinks – Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside, and Blackheart. It contains a combination of mattes and metallics, as well as one eyeshadow brush for on-the-go application. Sulfates, parabens, and phthalates are also absent from the eyeshadows. From nearly 6,500 reviews, the Naked3 eyeshadow palette has received a 4.4 out of 5 star rating. Because of the brighter textures of the shadows, this collection may not be suitable for people searching for muted results due to the mix of undertones of the hues. Users say the colours’ formulas are smooth and pigmented, and the packaging is robust and travel-friendly. This eye palette is available at Nordstrom and Sephora.

Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette by Huda Beauty

This 18-shade palette is a winner of the 2019 Allure Best of Beauty award, and it’s free of parabens and sulfates. It includes one glitter, eight creamy mattes, six pearl hues with shimmer, and three chrome-tint toppers in a wonderful blend of four textures. The range of tones allows you to experiment with mixing and matching for a variety of looks.

With over 1,000 reviews, 240,000+ likes, and an overall positive rating of 86 percent, this is the finest eyeshadow palette. The hues’ endurance has been emphasized, as have the precisely described textures, although the pigmentation is lacking for warmer complexion tones and requires considerable building up. Desert Dusk is available at Sephora and Amazon.

Matte Nudes Eyeshadow Palette by Lamora

This matte makeup palette has a mix of 16 warm, bronze, and smokey colours and is an Amazon’s Choice product. The mixture is waterproof and works in both wet and dry conditions. The package is delicate and travel-friendly, particularly given its dimensions of 5.6 x 3.7 x 0.4 inches.

It has been praised for its low cost and durable packing. The pigmentation reviews are mixed, with some people praising the colour result and others saying they had to build it up. Users liked the selection of colours and formula, but some complained that the eyeshadows didn’t last long. This eyeshadow palette is available on Amazon.

Morphe The Palette of James Charles

This limited-edition eye palette is a collaboration between makeup artist James Charles and Morphe, and it includes 39 richly pigmented colours organized in five rows. Seven larger hues are found in the center row. The hues cover purples, pinks, browns, and more, and the colours and textures include a bright combination of matte, metallic, and shimmer tints.

This eyeshadow palette has a 92 percent good rating based on over 3,000 reviews, with the colours and ease of application featuring prominently as positive highlights. However, some users have reported that the eyeshadow formula flakes on occasion. A few reviewers also mentioned that the compact’s packaging isn’t as sturdy as some others, so use caution. Ulta has this vibrant makeup pallet!

Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Soft Glam is a 14-shade eyeshadow palette with a combination of matte and shimmer finishes, as well as a double-ended brush and mirror for on-the-go touch-ups and looks. The colours range from beige to black and are devoid of parabens, sulphates, and phthalates, making them ideal for creating simple neutral looks.

This eye palette has had over 2,500 reviews, with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The pigmentation and ease of blending were particularly praised by users. Some users complained that the shimmering colours were more difficult to work with than the mattes, which had a dry consistency. Overall, 95% of reviewers give this a thumbs up! This eyeshadow palette is available at Nordstrom, Amazon, and Sephora.

Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette by Too Faced

The Chocolate Bar palette from Too Faced is a warm palette with a lot of browns. The delicious chocolate fragrance that envelops the user as soon as the palette is opened inspired the name of the 16-shade eyeshadow kit. The colours tinted with pure, antioxidant-rich cocoa powder emit this smell.

A muted matte brown, a creamy matte beige, a deep grey-brown, a soft fawn matte, a medium brown matte, a soft pale pink matte, a dark espresso with gold sparkle, a plum chocolate with golden sparkle, a deep plum brown with purple sparkle, and a similar pearl-based one are among the shades in this 100 percent cruelty-free eyeshadow palette named after chocolate. A rose gold, two colours of pink-bronze, a medium bronze, an antique gold, and a ballet slipper pink are among the metallic options.

The Chocolate Bar is the finest Cheap Eyeshadow Palette for individuals who want soft, warm tones that blend well, apply smoothly, last long, and have a pigmented finish. The only criticisms are that it has creases and a touch too much shine. It’s available at Nordstrom and Amazon.

Snap Shadows Mix & Match Eyeshadow Palette by Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Another Fenty palette can be snapped on to produce a 12-pan mix with this portable, tiny six-shade eye palette. It’s vegan, gluten-free, and mostly made up of neutrals.

This eyeshadow palette is a relatively new product on the market, with a few hundred reviews and an average B+ rating thus far. People have praised its creamy, easy-to-blend formula, but the colours don’t show up as well as others, necessitating the use of a foundation. It’s available at Sephora in True Neutrals, which is our favorite color combination!

Huda Beauty is a well-known cosmetics brand. The Nude Eyeshadow Palette Is Here!

This 18-shade nude Cheap Eyeshadow Palette features a combination of warm and cool colours for any skin tone, including rosy, copper, taupe, and more.

There are 10 mattes, 4 pearl shimmers, two glitter-based hues, a pearl shade, and a concealer base among the 18 shades. The mattes are infused with aloe vera and coconut oil to make application easier, while the glitters are laced with a silicone that boosts pigmentation and longevity. For a shinier gloss and dimension, the shimmers’ formula mixes acacia, jojoba, and sunflower wax.

With a 4.5-out-of-five-star rating, this is the greatest eyeshadow palette, with customers praising the pigmentation and texture. The shimmers have a small chalkiness to them, and some people have had difficulties mixing them. Overall, it’s been described as a versatile palette by reviewers. This Huda Beauty eye palette is available at Sephora and Amazon.

Gorgeous Me Eyeshadow Tray Palette by Beauty Glazed

This 63-pan drugstore Cheap Eyeshadow Palette includes a seven-piece eye styling tool kit. The tints come in a variety of finishes, from matte to creamy to sparkly, and the colours range from nudes to greys to vibrant colours like turquoise and yellow. Overall, reviewers adore the colour options and pigmentation, however the brushes offered fall short of the eyeshadow quality. It’s available on Amazon.

Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette Tarte Tartelette Amazon

The Tartelette eyeshadow palette comes with a nice selection of 12 matte colours ranging from light to dark. Each of the three rows of four represents a different look. Parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten, and salt are all absent from the product. Cream, nude, warm brown, chocolate, pale pink, mauve, mulberry, dark plum, ivory, light brown, taupe, and black are among the colours available.

This eye palette has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating based on over 2,000 reviews. Its endurance and ease of blending have been praised by reviewers. While the pigmentation is bright, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the outcome on their fair complexion – albeit this is a personal opinion. It’s available at Sephora and Amazon.

ColorPop is truly insane. Palette of Deeply Pressed Powder Eyeshadows

One of ColorPop’s most coveted products is this 16-pan eye palette. It’s vegan, and it comes in a variety of matte and glitter formulas in mauves and pinks. Out of a total of 100 reviews, 100 people said they would suggest it to a friend. The pigmentation, ease of blending, longevity, and good value are all highlighted as advantages. The only disadvantage is the difficulty of preventing glitter from entering the eyes. This romantic Cheap Eyeshadow Palette is available at Ulta.

Pat McGrath Labs Bronze Seduction Mothership V Eyeshadow Palette

This MUA-approved luxury eyeshadow palette, which won an Allure Best of Beauty award, includes 10 shades in golden champagne, tawny terracotta matte, golden bronze, rose gold, color-shifting chartreuse, blackened matte violet, bronzed taupe, matte mahogany, molten metallic crimson, and glistening white gold.

This palette is aimed more towards special occasions than an everyday look, with 4.4 stars and an 84 percent positive rating. A few reviewers complained about blending issues, but the directions recommend adding glitter adhesive for the sparkly hues and putting on wet or dry lids. This may be found at Sephora!

Born to Run Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay

This 21-pan palette contains a blend of muted and dramatic hues to create a range of looks for any occasion, making it the ultimate eyeshadow palette for travellers. This collection includes mattes, shimmers, and metallics, with each shade produced using Urban Decay’s Pigment Infusion System for a smooth texture, extended wear, and ease of blending.

It’s cruelty-free and paraben-free, with an 85 percent good rating. Its pigmentation, ease of application, long-lasting formula, and choice of hues were all praised by reviewers. However, several people reported flaking, smudging, and creasing. This Cheap Eyeshadow Palette is available at Ulta or Amazon.

Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette by Kat Von D

This Cheap Eyeshadow Palette is separated into three areas — aimed for eye contouring to accentuate the eyes – and includes neutral, cool, and warm tones to suit every skin tone. Above each section are three larger pans containing foundation shadows. There are no parabens, phthalates, or sulphates in the recipe.

With 85.6K likes and over 2,000 reviews, this product has a 4.7-star rating. Aside from the repercussions from the pans, critics have praised the ease of application and blendability, as well as the color payoff. This eyeshadow palette is available at Sephora and Amazon.

Natasha Denona Biba All Neutral Eyeshadow Palette is a 15-pan eyeshadow palette loaded with the most widely used colours on a daily basis, such as mauves, burgundies, browns, warm grays, and black. It is paraben-free and cruelty-free. With 12 mattes and three metallics, the finishes are a combination of mattes and metallics.

The palette’s colours are regarded as buttery smooth, extremely pigmented, and long-lasting, and it has an 86 percent positive rating. Its price has been criticized for being a little pricier than others, yet many people believe it is worth it. It’s available at Sephora and Amazon.

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