The Brightest and Sparkliest Eyeshadow Palettes for the Holiday Season

cheap eyeshadow palette

The Best cheap eyeshadow palettes may feel like they belong on a Friday night out, but with nights out becoming increasingly scarce (winter is approaching! ), it’s time to let those bright, glittery colors shine during the day. The correct palette is a definite way to enhance your mood this winter and beyond, whether you’re treating yourself to a burst of color above the mask for a supermarket run or introducing some vibrance to your next Zoom meeting.

“I love eye shadow palettes because just looking at the colors when I put up my kit always brightens my emotions,” admits celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff. “I may not be able to use that bright neon orange eyeshadow, but I religiously keep that neon shadow palette out in the hopes of one day being able to use it.” Colors are linked to our energy, and bright colors instantly elevate our spirits and affect our energy.

Holiday Glamour

Soft glam is almost synonymous with the holidays, and no look is complete without a glittery palette. (Plus, they make excellent gifts.) Ammy Drammeh, a London-based makeup artist whose clients include Michaela Coel, Harry Styles, and Adult Akech, prefers the Dior Backstage Eye palette. “It’s become a must-have in my toolbox.” They feature a high pigment content, a matte and shimmering finish, and neutral hues. “Perfect for a relaxed or glam appearance.”Are there any other palettes you should consider adding to your rotation? Milani’s Gilded Nude Palette and Hourglass’ Curated 5-Pan Palette in Desert Earth.

For the True Minimalist

Remi Odunsi is a self-described minimalist who has done cosmetics for Raveena and Zie. “Anything with both matte and shimmering hues that also add some pops of color,” she explains, “is my criteria for a successful palette.” Her favorite palette is the Amrezzy, which has a wide range of warm tones and can be used wet or dry. “To avoid fallout, apply this one before makeup or wipe your face with a kleenex,” she suggests.

Glossier’s new Monochromes Trio is ultrabasic and sleek, with all of your matte and shimmer requirements covered in a case that’s perfect for on-the-go touchups, while BareMinerals’ Mineralist Sunlit Palette has all of the shadows you’ll need to give natural-looking depth to your eye.

For a Slightly More Luxurious Feel

“What I like about the shadows is how simply they apply with a makeup brush. This can be noticed in the eyeshadow’s pigmentation, which makes the eye pop! Erika La Pearl, who can’t get enough of Mthrshp Mega: Celestial Divinity Palette, adds, “This is also true when combining colors, whether a smokey eye or building on three or more brilliant colors.” “Pat McGrath offers a wide range of palettes with amazing colors that complement and enhance one other. The packaging and quality are also what attract and hold your attention. You want to give it your all while still making the customer appear ‘glamorous.'”

Ciara’s make-up artist, Yolonda Frederick, agrees with similar ideas. “Reflective shadows are one of my favorite effects. Mothership Mega: Celestial Divinity by Pat McGrath Labs is a gorgeous collection of shimmering shadows with two or three contrasting matte shades. These luminous shadows have a buttery feel and a rich pigmentation for a silky smooth application. This is without a doubt one of my favorite and most adaptable palettes.”

For the One-Stop Shopper

“They come in all sorts of color combinations, from neutral to bright to pastel colors, with 16 shades in each compact,” says Bob Scott, who collaborates with designers Aurora James and Padma Lakshmi, among others. The color payoff is fantastic, and the recipe is simple to work with.”

 Scott has recently become a fan of the Nars Climax Extreme Palette because of its versatility. “Its range of hues can be used for daytime, midnight, natural, or deep and smokey looks on anyone.” Beauty Bay’s Bright 42 Color Palette and Morphe’s 35M Boss Mood Artistry Palette are two other palettes that will cover any eye look you can think of Xulnaz.

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