Cool Eyeliner Looks Makeup Tricks for Women Over 40

Cool eyeliner looks

For weary or aged eyes, eyeliner makeup can work miracles. Many women, however, are concerned that it would make their eyes appear smaller or highlight wrinkles or crepey eyelid skin.

Cool eyeliner looks

However, before you lose up, try some of these gel and pencil eyeliner suggestions to make your eyes appear larger, brighter, and more vibrant.

Are there too many restrictions when it comes to applying eyeliner? Is it becoming too difficult? Well, I believe that a little eyeliner, when used correctly, may brighten and revive the whites of mature eyes.

Cool eyeliner looks is one of my favorite things to wear! However, if you’re over 40, it can be difficult. There are hundreds of makeup professionals who will advise you how to apply it correctly and incorrectly.

I, on the other hand, dislike following others’ rules. I follow my instincts. Eyeliner is sexy, in my opinion. If you agree, try some of the following suggestions:

Is there a good method to apply eyeliner and a wrong way to apply it?

Many blogs and YouTube videos seem to offer the same eyeliner makeup recommendations for adult eyes: don’t use black eyeliner, don’t use too much eyeliner, or don’t use eyeliner at all.

Yes, the rules for those of us over 50 have changed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t apply eyeliner at all.

Consider the following eyeliner makeup tips:

Following are some eyeliner application approaches that work well for me after experimenting with various techniques:


We’re advised that if we’re over 40 or 50, we shouldn’t wear black or dark eyeliner. It’s overly harsh, according to experts, and may exaggerate lines and dark circles.


I use black eyeliner sparingly, mostly inside the upper eyelid rim, in-between lashes, and occasionally exactly along the lash line.


Experts advise against using dark liner on the lower lids. It will make wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, and even the size of your eyes appear larger.


On the outer third of the inner lower lid, I use a small bit of black liner. But I never go all the way into the corners of the eyes with the line.

Cool eyeliner looks

Eyeliner techniques for aged eyelid skin that seem natural

What if every eyeliner you’ve tried made your wrinkles and dark rings around your eyes look more worse?

Then ditch the pencil or crayon in favor of a lighter-colored gel cool eyeliner looks. Even better, use a creamy-gel eyeliner like the one I’m using in the photo.

I’m wearing an eyeshadow that is creamy but applies like a gel.

Because it’s waterproof and smear-proof, this natural-looking eyeliner tip is ideal if you have a lot of wrinkles or crepey skin around your eyes. It’s less prone to migrate and settle into the crinkles and creases around your eyes.

It also doesn’t dry right away, so you have a few seconds to correct any mistakes. This is crucial for many ladies (including myself) who have trouble using liquid or gel eyeliner. I never seem to be able to draw a lovely smooth line!

However, once it has set for a few seconds, it will not move!

Eyeliner is a makeup that can be used in a variety of ways

Because you can use it anyplace you desire a splash of color, highlight, gloss, or shimmer, it’s called the Any Wear Cream.

This cream, for example, can be used as:



Highlighter on the cheek’s

Cool eyeliner looks

Debra, the creator of Mommy Makeup, demonstrates how to use the Anywhere Cream as an eyeshadow, lip colour, and cheek color/highlighter in this video.

This hue is great since it highlights the eyes without the need for black eyeliner and gives the upper eye area a lift! For blondes, it’s also a terrific eyeliner color.

How to Brighten Your Eyes – Treatment for Tired-Looking Eyes

What does it take to make your eyes appear brighter and less tired? Regardless of your eye color, picking the proper eyeliner color can make all the difference. Certain dark green colors (such as hunter green) can really bring out the whites of your eyes!

Consider applying white eyeliner to your eyes

Applying a touch of creamy white eyeliner within or along the rim of the lower eyelids is another eyeliner makeup hack for mature eyes that truly works to brighten and open them up.

What is the best way to implement white eyeliner?

There are a variety of techniques to apply white eyeliner, but I prefer to do it this way…

Use a creamy white eyeliner pencil to draw a line within the lower eyelid or just below the lash line.

The best white waterline eyeliner

I used to use a cheap drugstore brand of woods pencil eyeliner, but it was too white and didn’t last very long. Maybelline Tattoo Studio Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil has now become my easy eyeliner. It lasts all day and is great for the waterline.

Last but not least, eyeliner advice

To achieve the greatest look for your eyes, you should experiment with several types of eyeliner makeup to see what works best for you. Don’t forget to experiment with waterproof gel eyeliners. They are significantly easier to use than liquid eyeliners for many women.

 Also, learn which type of eyeliner to use on the waterline if you wear contacts.

Hopefully, at the end of the day, you’ll have discovered the best eyeliner makeup tricks to make your eyes sparkle!

Also, learn which type of eyeliner to use on the waterline if you wear contacts.

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