We understand that eyeliner has been one of your biggest problems with your lovely hooded eyes. If you’ve tried to do your makeup the same way everyone else does (sometimes even with different products), you’ve probably experienced aggravation, smudged eyes, and eyes that vanish.

So, starting today, you may wear the most beautiful eye makeup – including eyeliner – every day. Continue reading for 12 easy ways to make your hooded eyes seem better.


1. Learn How to Tight Line.

It’s time to master the technique of lining your eyes with eyeliner for hooded eye. This is a cosmetics skill that everyone should learn, but it’s especially useful for people with hooded eyes. Gently squeeze your eyeliner pencil between the base of your top lashes, working your way from the outer to the inner eye area to create a tight line. The color/liner will seep into your lids’ waterline, which is completely fine. Maintain a calm demeanor, take deep breaths, and move slowly. It may be intimidating at first since it appears as if you’re aiming for your eyes, but it’s not as difficult as it appears. It’s more of a mental challenge to conquer!

2. Say Yes to Using an Adhesive Eyeliner Stencil

One of our favorite things about utilizing an adhesive eyeliner stencil, especially for hooded eyes, is that when placed over the eyes and along the top eyelid, it really pushes the upper lid away, making it very easy to make your eyeliner without any problems. You can do both eyes at once, fill in with your chosen color/formula, and you’re done! No more eyeliner disasters with this perfect liner.

3. Know Which Eyeliners Work Best for Your Eyelids.

Eyeliners that are smudge-proof and waterproof are ideal for applying makeup to your top lash line. Even on hooded eyes, an excellent oil-based gel liner will stay put. Just keep in mind that the outer eye is where you’ll be able to see most of your artwork.

4. Reach For Quality 

It’s true that the quality of your eye makeup matters. When at all feasible, go for the nice stuff. Products that have a reputation for being reliable and long-lasting.

5. Adopt a Special Technique for Your Liquid Liner.

Close your eyes for a few moments after applying liquid eyeliner for hooded eye to allow it to dry. Wait patiently. When liquid liner smudges, it’s a lot of labor and a huge disaster to fix. While your eye is still open, apply your liquid liner to one lid, close it, wait for the makeup to dry, and then repeat with the second eye. Gel eyeliner dries quicker than liquid eyeliner. Concentrate the liner on the outer lid, where you have the greatest color and aesthetic options.


7. Make Your Eyes Seem Bigger.

Eyeliner put beneath your eyes may create a variety of stunning styles, and it’s probably your favorite location to concentrate on because your lids present unique problems. Continue to line your lower lash line, but keep in mind that merely lining the top and missing the bottom can make your eyes appear larger.

8. Draw a Tiny Flick.

For a subtle yet stunning effect, draw eyeliner on your lids and extend it just a bit past the ends of your eyes. It takes very little effort to improve your beauty game!

9. Experiment with Other Eyeliner Colors for Different Effects.

By day, soften your look with dark brown, brown, or navy blue eyeliner. In the daylight, black might appear harsh, especially if your hooded eyes appear heavy or tired.

10. Use a New Eyeliner Strategy.

When applying eyeliner, look down at a mirror to get it as close to the lash line as possible without getting it on your lids.

11. Open Your Eyes to Transform Your Entire Face.

With this eyeliner trick, you can make your eyes appear wider, fresher, and more alert. Draw your eyeliner in about 3/4 of the way, then blend at the end of the line to avoid a sharp or too defined end. After that, use a sparkly white or light eyeshadow hue to strobe in the region that doesn’t have eyeliner.

12. Take Extra Measures to Set Your Product.

We always recommend starting your eye makeup regimen with a decent primer, but we’ve discovered that it’s not adequate for everyone who has. eyeliner for hooded eye If your primer isn’t cutting it, try this… Apply primer, then line your eyelids with eyeliner, then trace over it with a matching eyeshadow the first method is using your brow tail and outer corner as a reference. Simply draw a dot or a small dash in the same direction as your bottom lash line, as if it were going on forever. Place that little dot/dash just above the lash line’s end. This provides more lift than applying it directly to the lash line. Smudge the liner brush softly along your lash line. I only do the outside two-thirds of my eye since it lengthens and elevates my eye more than going all the way to the inner corner. You’ll smear and meet that dot/dash, then combine the two. It takes less than 30 seconds to complete.

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