How can I Improve my Cleanser for Oily Skin?

cleanser for oily skin

There are 4 types of skin. Among them, oily skin of the face gives the greatest number of problems, since it has a number of negative signs. Most patients’ dissatisfaction is cause by such characteristic sign as greasy shine, the presence of enlarge pore, come dons. In addition, it is with this option that the development of various inflammatory elements is most typical. What to do in cases where oily skin is a concern is best know to beautician. It is in their competence to clarify the situation and competently take care of oily skin.

Causes of Oily Skin

The increased activity of the sebaceous glands leads to the appearance of excessive oily skin. The predisposing factors for this are the following prerequisites:

  • Heredity and individual characteristics;
  • Endocrine disorders;
  • Non-compliance with the diet;
  • Disorders in the work of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Improperly selected skin care, poor quality of cleansing procedures.

Skin type is not a constant value, and in the process of life it can change. Oily skin is more common in young people under the age of 25. That’s why you must use Cleanser for Oily Skin. In the future, in most case, it is transform into a combined type. However, in cases where the main causes of oily skin of the face are genetic factors, its clinical signs can persist throughout life. This development of the situation is observe in 5-7% of the population.

Hormonal imbalance is the factor that most significantly affects the increase in skin oiliness. This process can develop both during puberty and in endocrine pathology. In women, the causes of oily facial skin in adulthood can be polycystic ovaries, insufficient thyroid function, pregnancy, menopause, uncontrolled use of oral contraceptives. Stress also contributes significantly to the development of symptoms.

cleanser for oily skin

Characteristics of Oily Skin

The quality of the skin and excessive oil is unevenly manifest in different area of the face, which is due to the peculiarity of the distribution of the sebaceous glands in its thickness. It is the accumulation of excretory ducts in certain places that explains the causes of oily skin on the forehead, nose and chin area. Characteristic area are find in the back or décolleté area. Often such negative sign is combine with oily hair. In women and men, these sign are equally express.

Typical manifestations of oily skin are oily, greasy sheen. Excess sebum accumulating on the surface contributes to the clogging of pores, their expansion, the formation of blackheads, comedones, and whiteheads, milia. Outwardly, oily skin on the forehead, nose and chin area resembles an orange peel.

Such signs negatively affect not only aesthetics. Oily skin of the forehead and other areas of the T-zone becomes the most preferred site for the localization of inflammatory elements, acne. This is explain the fact that the narrow duct of the sebaceous gland and the production of an excess amount of secretion contribute to the blockage of the excretory duct of the gland, stagnation of secretion in it and infection. As a result, pustules with purulent contents appear. What to do if oily skin on the forehead is accompanied by the formation of pustular elements, the dermatologist will clarify. It is in his competence to prescribe acne treatment. The services of a cosmetologist will be in demand only after the inflammatory process subsides.

However, a number of positive signs are characteristic of oily skin. It is more capable of retaining moisture than dry. In this regard, her turgor remains at the same level. Much later, people with oily skin develop wrinkles.

Features of Care For Oily Skin

If the skin of the face is very oily, what to do and how to improve its quality, the cosmetologist will most competently explain. It should be borne in mind that incorrect measures, even the use of exclusively external means can aggravate the situation. Lack of a competent approach in this case can be ineffective or dangerous. You need to trust professionals. A qualified beautician will select the appropriate facial skin care products. If additional procedure are need to achieve the desire effect, he will competently carry them out. The doctor action in this case will aim at reduce the production of sebum and remove its excess, cleanse the pores.

At Home, This Effect will Achieve By The Following Action:

  • Thorough cleansing of the skin with a foam, gel or mousse for oily skin. To get the desire effect, it is recommend to carry out the procedure twice a day.
  • The exclusion of actions that promote the activity of the sebaceous gland, the formation of excess sebum. These include frequent scrubbing procedures, the use of hot water and a washcloth for washing, the use of a fat cream, an alcohol-containing tonic.
  • Normalization of the diet, excluding products that have a negative impact on the quality of the skin.

An important step towards correcting the existing deficiencies is to find out the causes of excess oily skin. In this regard, in addition to the activities prescribed by the cosmetologist, it will not be superfluous to get advice from an endocrinologist and a gastroenterologist. It is in their competence to give recommendation on what to do if the oily skin of the face is cause by concomitant disease. In some cases, without appropriate treatment, it will not be possible to achieve a lasting improvement in the situation. The required result will be provided only by an integrated approach.

The right choice of cosmetics for daily care is of great importance in the fight against the negative signs that accompany oily skin. They should all design for oily skin and be absorb quickly without leave a shine. Preference give to a delicate consistency, liquid structure.

In such a situation, it is show 1-2 time a week to scrub the skin. It will be optimal to use a mask-film as a cleansing procedure, which most carefully removes dead cells of the surface layer of the dermis. Mask with anti-inflammatory, sebum-regulate, keratolytic orientation are also recommend.

cleanser for oily skin

What to do If your Face is Too oily Skin, Cosmetologists Define as Follows:

  • In addition to regular home care, salon cleansing procedure are show;
  • It is necessary to adhere to the diet;
  • Prevention from heat wave
  • Comprehensive examination by related specialists for concomitant pathology.

Salon Treatments for Oily Skin

Salon treatments are more effective than home treatments. By normalizing the work of the sebaceous glands, they are able to improve the quality of the skin in a shorter time and reduce its oily content. In this case, experts recommend the following activities:

  • professional care for oily skin;
  • cleansing procedures, cleansing, peeling;
  • hardware techniques, phonophoresis, darsonvalization;
  • injection procedures, mesotherapy, biorevitalization;
  • facial massage, which improves microcirculation in the face area, helps to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • cryomassage procedure aimed at narrowing the pores.

Facial cleanser activity are carry out by use external agent, apply a cleanser mask, as well as peel and cleanser. In this case, depends on the predispose factor, ultrasonic, mechanical, chemical face cleansing can be use.

Despite the appearance of more innovative means, it is with the help of manual influence and a special spoon that it is often possible to get rid of all blackheads in one session. The rest of the procedures, although less traumatic, do not allow you to get such a quick and pronounced result. However, in the course of mechanical cleaner, the appearance of area of hyperemia is not exclude, therefore, before important event in the client life, experts prefer ultrasonic cleaning.

Among the procedures aimed at eliminating excess oily skin, all-season peels are very popular. A special role is give to enzyme peel, the activity of which is provide by enzyme. They destroy the substance that holds the horny scale, thereby contributing to their self-exfoliation. A gentle effect, the absence of mechanical efforts during the procedure ensures its safety, allows peeling not only in the salon, but also at home.

Here are a Few Questions That Clients of Our Clinic Most Often Ask Us.

Is There a Need to Apply a Moisturizer for Oily Skin?

Oily skin lose less moisture than dry skin, If you has dry skin you use Lotion for Dry Skin which make your skin soft. it should also hydrated. A sufficient amount of hyaluronic acid, thermal water and other hydro-fixing agents in the composition of external agents ensures the renewal of the epidermis. The necessary cleansing effect is achieve, the manifestation of oily skin are reduce.

How to Deal with Oily Skin Throughout the Day?

In order to mask the greasy shine as efficiently as possible, you need to correctly approach the choice of both medical and decorative cosmetics. Care product should designe for oily skin and have a delicate texture. If possible, skin cleansing should carry out at least 2 time a day. Foundations and shadows should be of a powdery character with a matte effect. Creamy cosmetics will only accentuate the signs of oily content.

How to Wipe Your Face with Oily Skin?

Cold water helps to tone oily skin and shrink pores, so some improvement can be achieved by rubbing the skin with ice cubes. The cosmetic industry is also replete with tonics designed for oily skin. The absence of alcohol in them excludes an increase in the activity of the sebaceous gland. At the same time, they contain herbal extracts that have a matting effect.

How to Identify Oily Skin?

This type of skin is characterized, first of all, by a visible shine. This is the characteristic that sets it apart from other types. The skin may have an earthy gray-yellow color, uneven, bumpy relief, sebaceous glands and black dots are also visible. Sebum is most commonly found on the forehead, chin, nose, back and chest.

However, oily skin reacts fairly well to adverse weather conditions, unlike, for example, dry or sensitive skin. Wrinkles, including mimic ones, appear on it later and less clearly.


Most often, oily skin appears in adolescents aged 12-13 years. This condition is caused by overworking of the sebaceous glands, which is caused by elevated levels of androgenic hormones. Oily skin can be genetically caused. When there were people in the family with acne, comedones, there is a risk that other family members will sooner or later manifest these cosmetic problems.
Sometimes in women, oily skin is accompanied by menstrual irregularities and / or hirsutism. In this case, it is recommended to consult a doctor and donate blood for hormones. This situation may indicate a hormonal imbalance and a specialist should solve it.

The described skin type is a transitional state, which means that it should change with age. Oily skin turns into combination or dry skin. Most often, with problems of excessive production of sebum, a beautician is consulted in adolescence. But in an adult, they also have a place to be.

cleanser for oily skin

Oily Skin Care Basics

Oily Skin Care Should Focus on:

  • proper cleansing of the skin,
  • regular exfoliation of the epidermis,
  • keeping the skin moisturized.

A very common situation is the fight against gloss. It’s worth remembering that over-drying oily skin can have the opposite effect, causing it to secrete even more sebum.
Of course, this does not mean that you should give up matting cosmetics, but when using such products, you need to remember the need to provide the skin with a portion of hydration. Oil-based cosmetics should be avoided as they can clog pores.

Daily Care For Oily Skin

1. Cleanse your skin. Cleansing foams or gels work well. These foods should have a slightly acidic or neutral pH.

2. After the tonic, apply a light cream. It should also contain astringent ingredients, such as witch hazel extract or aluminum diacetate, and silicon as a mattifying ingredient.

3. When caring for oily skin, it is important to regularly exfoliate. This procedure exfoliates dead skin cells. Contraindications for peeling: presence of purulent eruptions or acne on the skin.

Also, do not forget about the benefits of masks. Such a product will improve the appearance of the skin, moisturize and vitaminize it, and contribute to the disappearance of cosmetic imperfections. Most useful are masks containing ingredients such as:

  • Activated carbon,
  • green clay,
  • green tea,
  • tea tree,
  • zinc.

To enhance the beneficial effect of the cosmetic product, you can do a steam bath before applying the mask. What is such a procedure for? The warmth of the steam relaxes the skin and helps to normalize the sebaceous glands. Applying the mask to the skin after taking a steam bath enhances the benefits of the mask.

Cosmetics for Oily Skin

The composition of cosmetics for the care of oily skin should contain:

  • herbal ingredients (chamomile, witch hazel, lemon balm, sage, rosemary, quince bark, ylang-ylang),
  • alpha hydroxy acids (fruit acids),
  • urea, 
  • silicon,
  • ammonium compounds,
  • vitamins A and E,
  • bisabolol,
  • azulene and aluminum salts.

The use of natural mineral cosmetics will solve the problem of “blackheads”. It has antibacterial properties and protects the skin from UV radiation. An alternative to foundation can be concealer, which, when applied topically, masks imperfections in the skin. Zinc oxide in concealer will be an advantage.