Mario Reviews of summer shine body lotion

You had a feeling it was going to happen, didn’t you? Summer isn’t summer without our Summer Shine Body Lotion, as if the name wasn’t enough of a hint. Not at Mario Badescu, at least. you can buy from xulnaz body lotion for summer.

We think that true beauty comes from within.

What’s the secret to getting that beautiful, sun-kissed glow? For a boost of brightness, your skin may only want a little assistance. We won’t be able to tell if it came from a bottle because it was all you.

It’s our secret to glowing skin that’s been sun-kissed in all the right spots.

Apply a dab and rub it in. Your legs, collarbones, and shoulders are all affected. Or just about anywhere. Because looking like a disco ball was so 1980s, a little shimmer goes a long way — it’s shimmer for the sophisticated.

But don’t just take my word for it. We attended the blogger event at The Makeup Show NYC in May (time flies!) and gave everyone of the attendees a bottle of our favourite Summer Shine Lotion. Here’s what they had to say:

“It does have a pleasant aroma, with a tinge of cocoa butter and almond.” The mixture is light and airy, moisturising without feeling heavy, which is ideal for summer. And, get this, I was also trapped in a heavy thunderstorm with strong winds yesterday. I was drenched, but most of the lotion remained on my skin, and I didn’t get that weird moisturiser combined with water feeling… “However, the scent has me hooked…”

“The Style & Beauty Doctor’s” Danielle

“Normally, I’m all for quality over quantity, but in this case, I can’t seem to get enough out of the bottle!” This lotion is a must-have for summer, as it softens and smoothes your skin without clogging pores. Amen! The lotion is light enough to use on a daily basis yet adds just the proper bit of glitz for special events.” you can buy from xulnaz body lotion for summer.

“Born & BreadJulie “‘s and Lauren

“Beware, beauty addicts…once you sample one Mario Badescu product, there’s no going back.” You’ll become obsessed like me in no time!! Vitamin C Serum, Seaweed Cleansing Lotion, and Enzyme Cleansing Gel are some of my other favourites. The formulas and price of the goods are both fantastic… They’ve also been around since the 1960s, keeping skin looking nice.”

“The Makeup GirlLianne “‘s Farbes

“This [must-have] light lotion glides on smoothly and lends a subtle sheen and brightness to your complexion, which is ideal for us tan and pale-complected gals.”

Gouldylox Reviews’ Kelly Gould

“It’s great for highlighting exposed skin in the warmer months, as well as contouring the legs.”

The Alchemist of Beauty

“Adding a little body shimmer around my decolette area and my legs always makes me feel a little sexier.”

  • However, I don’t want to wear anything too visible during the day.
  • Take a deep breath and apply Mario Badescu’s Summer Shine Lotion.
  • This is my kind of stuff.
  • It gives my skin a lovely subtle sheen.
  • There’s nothing too crazy for the daylight.
  • It’s also quite hydrating, thanks to the peanut oil, and it has a little coconut aroma.
  • If you want to add a little extra vava voom to your skin during the day, this is the product for you.
  • However, I wouldn’t use this at night because I want a lot of VAVAVoom in the evening.

But this is what I’m reaching for during the day.”

“Beauty LogicMilly “

But, if you need to see it to believe it, beauty expert Jennifer Walsh recommends this little MB Star in a BetterTV feature with Rhiannon Ally as one of her summery body lotion recommendations.

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