At the moment, when you as a user are accessing our website, we are monitoring and logging into a wide range of data forms. This will include IP address, location, ISP, your name, browser for opening our site, duration in which you spend the time on our site, and the articles which you have read out or visited. We are in legal obligation in which we are completely abiding by the regulation system of not sharing any personal information of any of our users or visitors on the website.
We make use of third-party advertisements to support the company’s overall monthly costs. These advertisements will be using a certain form of technology that is based on cookies. Cookies are, in return, giving advertisement specific information about what should be displayed.
As a user and website visitor, you have the complete right to know all sorts of private information we are collecting and why we are collecting it. The sort of information we are collecting and the purpose of its collection is fully described in our privacy policy.

Information We Withhold

We require your name, contact number, temporary and permanent addresses, email, gender, work information, occupation, designation, birth information, and other information depending on the product or services you buy from us. We don’t give any information about a person to another person without his/her consent.
We are also using the mailing address of customers to let them know about the arrival of new discounts, products, and special offers. With time, we will also be using this information in favor of market research purposes. We can contact you through the mail, phone, or email system

How We Collect and Hold Information

We can collect your information from you directly through a multitude of ways – through our website, forms, phone calls, and our application. We can also get your information through your telephone service provider. There are other platforms from where we can get your information, such as social media sites, reporting agencies, and associated companies. The most common sources are public that are available all the time.
If you don’t provide your personal information, we might not be able to provide you with the service you’re seeking in some cases.  Typically, we get information directly from you, but in some cases, we use service providers or agents to collect it on our behalf. Some cases may include the procedure to gather information from different companies.

For what purpose are we using your information?

The information which we are getting about the user can generally be used for various ways as mentioned below

  • It will display the user name on the website at the time of upload or the comments.
  • Your private email is not part of the publishing.
  • The site will email you regular updates once the post goes live. But you can also unsubscribe yourself from all such emails or notifications.

    Usage of Your Information

We use your personal information to identify you, provide you with relevant services, manage our resources and services, carry out credit checks, and prevent fraud. This helps us maintain and sustain our services and develop our business in the process.
We make sure that all the information provided to us by the customers is secured and is not shared with any third-party organization. If at any point in time we had to share the customer details, we make sure we take permission from the customer first.
A cookie is a small file system that will be placed on your computer’s hard drive system after your permission. This cookie will be analyzing the entire web traffic and even make you know about which specific sites you have visited.
We make use of log cookies to identify which pages are being used most often. We make use of this data or information for the sake of statistical analysis, and later on, it is completely removed from your system.

When Is Your Personal Information Disclosed

In some exceptional cases, we may have to reveal your info to another organization. When we have to disclose this information, we ensure to take all rational measures so that your information remains safe and secure. We also ensure that our contracted service providers obey our privacy obligations. These service providers help us with:

  • data verification
  • information technology
  • marketing, telemarketing, and sales
  • mailing
  • debt recovery
  • customer inquiries
  • billing
  • market research
  • website analysis

    Where to Address Your Issues and Concerns

We greatly value the privacy and protection of our customers, which is why we prioritize your privacy. Therefore, in case you have any concerns that you would like to address, you can get in touch with us through our email. We shall investigate and answer back within 30 days of having received your complaint. Under any unforeseen circumstance, if you don’t get our answer within a specified time, please contact our team, and we’ll help.

Legal Obligations & Privacy Regulations 

We will just be revealing the personal data of any user only in such a condition where we feel that the information of the user is much needed to establish any identity or to contact in any legal proceedings against any person. In short, we will be disclosing any user information when we felt that the information is being revealed for some good reason that is legally needed.
The third-party normally processes the data right on our behalf, where we have an e-commerce platform or hosting provider. It is straight away subject to confidentiality and security, which is consistent within its applicable law or any privacy policy.