Beading & Jewelry Making

Want to create your fancy jewelry! Nothing’s easier…
Order one of our jewelry kit on the Eshop! A bracelet, a necklace, earrings …

Receive all the elements (beads, primers …), accompanied by a DIY sheet, help at each stage of manufacture.

Xulnaz is also jewelry tutorials, hundreds of jewelry creation ideas, shops, creation workshops …Earrings


Discreet, elegant and very retro … this is the winning recipe for these “Denise” earrings! Small cabochon roses to stick everywhere, earrings, rings, bracelets … They are also available in black! Here they are associated with a large smooth pastille , for a less wise effect so you can combine them with our other pastilles or metal filigree .

Make this earrings also in silver

Did you make these earrings yourself? Do not hesitate to share the photo of your creation on Instagram with the #lacabaneaperles

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