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Even though you would not think that the origins of handcrafted beaded jewelry could possibly be all that fascinating, Beading & Jewelry Making is rather fascinating to read about them. Some claim that beads and jewels were first used in jewelry more than 70,000 years ago when a man discovered them and thought they were wonderful.

There are numerous applications for beaded jewelry. One way is just for aesthetic purposes. Value is still another. Some people would buy and trade beaded jewelry or beads. They were even utilized as talismans in some cultures. So how did beaded jewelry get its start? Let’s look at it.

Even if a man or woman in ancient days would not have needed them for practical purposes, they could not be carried around without trendy bags or carrying mechanisms, and they did not have pockets.

Thus, the first piece of handcrafted beaded jewelry was created, according to folklore, when they fastened the gemstones or beads to leather straps and wore them around their necks. Handmade beaded jewelry started to rise in popularity throughout time. The people who wore beaded jewelry were usually powerful and wealthy. Beads have even been used as a valuable commodity that could be traded.