The meaning of Crafting is a skill in planning, making, or executing: dexterity. How to use craft in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of Craft. Masks were a need for everyone at the outset of the pandemic because, as the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.

” Last spring, a group of home sewers came together to create face masks and other personal protection equipment for family members, friends, and strangers in order to help keep people safe. Without the distractions of mingling, traveling, or dining out, the crafting continued while she was cooped up at home.

Throughout the lockdown, Americans knit, crocheted, and weaved. They created little shrines, mandalas made of plants, paper orchids, wooden chess sets, hand-tufted rugs, and paper orchids.
A fashion trend was started when sewing machines were dragged out of closets, dusted up, and utilized to make coats out of vintage quilts, among other things. Even while the crafts themselves appear simple and homemade, the income they are producing is anything but: According to its financial records, a burgeoning Etsy market more than doubled the company’s revenues to a record $1.7 billion in 2020.
Crafters shared “reverse-knitting” patterns on TikTok to make Harry Styles’ cardigan or Bernie Sanders’ inauguration-day mittens. Making things was a pragmatic and even political response to the moment. It appeared to be a panacea to digital exhaustion but was thriving elsewhere on social media.
This past year, a lot of working artists had uninterrupted time in their studios (admittedly a mixed blessing since so many income-generating craft shows, gallery exhibitions, and teaching workshops were canceled). However, it was ambitious amateurs who converted their sheds and basements into art studios and tried their hand at ceramics and pottery that kept equipment manufacturers like Skutt Kilns, a Portland, Oregon-based producer of kilns and pottery