Fabric Decorating

Fabric Decorating in celebration! DIY garland of ribbons and tulles

Fabric Decorating for your party with DIY garlands!

Whether you are chic, romantic, or modern, you can decorate your birthdaycommunionbaptism and other parties buffet with fabrics! There are so many fabulous elements and ideas to decorate the house for a party that you could get lost in it. DIY decorations based on fabrics are one of the simplest options to make. The trendy DIY garland of ribbons and tulles, a classic for years in Mexico and the United States, is a beautiful decoration very simple to make.

How to decorate your buffet, brunch, snack or cocktail corner?

Ribbons, lace, backdrops, tablecloth, frills, jars wrapped in jute sack and lace, laces, flowers made with ribbon, flowers, many options.

For a party decoration we offer 3 DIY decorative elements  :

– a DIY garland of ribbons, for usage, to decorate a wall in your living room, a corner of the terrace or a garden background.

– a tablecloth with fringes, or more exactly a table contour made of fabrics of colors and varied compositions.

– glass jars (recovered from jars of jam or yogurt) surrounded by natural jute fabric and/or lace and closed with a rope or string. These pots to place on the buffet will be filled with charm allows candies or other sweets.

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