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Between plumbing, masonry, catering, butchery, hairdressing or personal assistance, the common points are rare. And yet, all these trades are under the banner of fabric & craftsmanship.

The fabric & crafts trades are grouped into four main families: food, construction, production and services. There are more than 510 different activities, from the most traditional (masonry, carpentry, butchery, etc.) to the most modern (micro-electronics, sound and image, climate engineering, etc.) including services (mechanics, hairdressing, clothing, etc.) and artistic creation (ceramics, jewelry, graphic arts, decoration).

Beyond the traditional traditional trades, there are a multitude of trades based on innovation that belong to the fabric & craft sector. New professions are developing with the appearance of innovative materials, modern means of communication and advanced technologies. Jobs related to eco-construction and insulation, clean technologies, waste reprocessing are booming.

In general, all the crafts trades are promising and will be lasting because of the number of companies that have to be taken over, in all sectors.

Focus on fine crafts

Crafts are a cultural vector and represent the excellence of craftsmanship. They are the heritage of know-how preciously developed over the centuries. Earth, glass, wood, leather, graphic arts or performing arts… This intangible heritage is part of our culture. It is rich in an astonishing diversity of men and practices. A living soil in perpetual evolution. Carriers of history and innovation, crafts represent an infinite resource for all creators.

An art profession can be defined by the association of three criteria:

  • he uses complex know-how to transform the material.
  • he produces unique objects or small series that have an artistic character.
  • the professional masters this profession in its entirety.

Today, France has more than 38,000 arts and crafts companies.

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