We’re here to help you live your healthiest life every day by providing you Beauty Products with the most recent skin & beauty news, treatments, and therapies, motivational patient tales, and professional guidance. We’re all seeking methods to stay cool as Hot Girl Summer comes to a head amid scorching temperatures and oppressive humidity levels. Our preferred method of cooling off in the warmer months? We can instantly cool off by putting our favorite face masks in the refrigerator. Here are five moisturizing, calming masks you can keep in the refrigerator to give hot skin a break during the summer.
Due to its cooling, redness-reducing qualities, this cucumber-infused gel mask has been a longtime favorite among users. We’ve heard stories of beauty enthusiasts applying it on everything from razor pimples to sunburns—even skin that has undergone a chemical peel. Even though the light gel recipe is calming on its own, chilling it in the refrigerator amplifies the effect.
A blend of antioxidant-rich green tea and aloe extracts gives I Dew Care’s Match Mood mask its buttery-soft, sorbet-like texture, which is wonderfully gratifying on a hot day. At first impression, it resembles a clay mask, but it won’t dry out or get too tight while you’re wearing it.