Shop a wide variety of Car & Vehicle Electronics from Garmin, Pioneer, and more! Xulnaz offers the best prices, fast shipping, and top-rated customer service. With the advent of electric vehicles, electronics will continue to play a central role in the automobile sector. Informationtainment, lighting, and sensor applications—all of which call for a durable and dependable design—have increased significantly as a result of the great advancements in microelectronics, particularly high-power electronics. With exponential growth in the upcoming years, analysts predict a turnover of above $80 billion. The industry actively contributes to road safety through the creation and advancement of technology that reduces accidents, such as stability control systems and driver fitness.

The development of intelligent (smart) technologies in Car & Vehicle Electronics, beginning with smart grids, has sparked interest in GPS and the IoT ecosystem as a means of assisting cars in the reception and transmission of high-speed data. The car is a desirable environment for technology because of three primary factors: autonomous driving, electrified cars, and the high demand for infotainment services from consumers. The challenge of the near future is autonomous vehicles. One motivation to make this challenge a success is the potential for remotely acting with programmed electronic systems, lowering the number of traffic accidents, and so avoiding harmful situations.