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TNT (Digital Terrestrial Television) is a digital transmission mode for television channels that uses the terrestrial radio network, received using a rake antenna.

Check your coverage area: To find out if you can receive TNT via a rake antenna.

  • If you live in an area covered by DTT you can receive TV channels through a rake antenna by equipping yourself with an adapter or an integrated DTT TV;
  • If you do not live in an area covered by DTT, you can receive television channels by another reception mode than the rake antenna: ADSL, cable, optical fiber or satellite dish.

Check Your TNT HD Coverage?

TNT, Digital Terrestrial Television, is a broadcasting technology that allows digital television to be received by a rake antenna. In mainland France, 1,627 television transmitters carry radio frequencies, making it possible for more than 97% of the population to receive, free of charge, up to 25 free national channels and possibly local channels.

All you need is an analog TV connected to a DTT adapter using a SCART socket, or an integrated DTT TV to receive the 25 free DTT channels.

Since April 5, 2016, viewers have received all of these channels in high definition.

It is possible to receive a larger number of channels by subscribing to a paid offer.

There are other reception modes for digital television:

  • by a satellite dish oriented towards a broadcasting satellite. Two operators offer free reception of most TNT channels: Fransat (Eutelsat satellite) and TNTSat (Astra satellite). Paid offers to allow you to receive additional channels.
  • by cable, via an adapter. Additional channels are accessible via a decoder and a subscription.
  • by ADSL via a box and by paying a subscription. All the offers of the various operators include the 25 free channels of DTT.
  • by optical fiber, with a subscription including the 25 free channels of TNT.

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