There are few things that can compare to the feeling of receiving a present of opulent new Inner Garments after tearing through layers of pastel-colored tissue paper.
Unfortunately, choosing and purchasing lingerie for your girlfriend is a challenging task for guys. This is more difficult than simply buying flowers for your significant other and is a terrifying proposition. If you get it right, you’ll benefit from it; if you get it wrong, you’ll get the silent treatment.
On an average day, selecting a pair of underwear may require no more thought than determining whether or not they are clean. However, the skivvies you choose to wear on a trek can significantly affect how comfortable you are. (That is if you choose to wear underwear at all; some hikers choose a pair of shorts with built-in briefs or even go commando, both of which are legitimate options if you find them comfortable.)
Most hikers do, however, like to wear underwear underneath their hiking shorts or pants, and the correct pair can keep you dry and chafe-free. The incorrect pair, not so much.