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We’ve (almost) made it to 2022, y’all, and we’re here to help you stock your closet with 50 GQ-approved necessities for a classic menswear look. All the money you were planning to spend on a gym membership and new kitchenware should instead go toward some (or all!) of these. Focus on improving your wardrobe rather than setting a bunch of meaningless resolutions you know you’ll never keep. Whether you’re overhauling your entire wardrobe for the coming year of Men Fashion or just filling in the gaps since the end-of-year deals are on, these pieces will keep your style on point in 2022 and beyond.

Therefore, I thought we could take a brief look at the last hundred or so years of Men Fashion as we continue to examine the fundamentals of personal style. Perhaps this will offer some perspective or insight into how menswear is changing, and more significantly, how we can choose to clothe wisely and create our own sense of style.