How to recognize a quality shirt

Besides the cut or shape of a t-shirt, there are some crucial points to determine its level of quality. The first thing to do in a store is obviously to touch it and ask the right questions. Is the fabric thin or thick? Is it soft or rough? Are the seams straight and do not curl the fabric? Where to make it? With what fabric? On the web as in the store, the best reflex you can have is to look carefully at the composition of the t-shirt. The market is extremely dense, it is with the experience that we learn to be less mistaken about the supposed quality of this or that model and that we build a hardcore of recurring brands. However, here are some general points about the quality signs of a shirt:

Start by running away from low-end t-shirts

Let’s start by taking the problem upside down! We don’t teach you anything if we tell you that a t-shirt bought at 5 € in a large brand is far from being the best of t-shirts. Of course, we understand that it is not always easy to say that it is necessary to put a little more expensive in a t-shirt, whereas in the end, it will quickly pay for itself and will not put aside at the end of several months of the port. Here are the different reasons to flee low-end t-shirts:

  • The fabric: over the ports, the fabric will quickly tear, lose its initial shape or make fluff.
  • Transparency: who says fine fabric, necessarily says transparency, an entry-level white t-shirt is a perfect illustration.
  • The cut: Sometimes too tight or too loose, the cut will not necessarily get work, it will not necessarily enhance us. If the t-shirt does not have a seam, it is a tubular piece. The same problem for the sleeves, they will be too wide.
  • Comfort: poor quality jersey is not necessarily comfortable to wear. The same observation, even worse for synthetic materials.
  • Washing: after several washes, the fiber will be damaged and the t-shirt will quickly lose its shape.

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