Formerly considered underwear in its own right. This piece of cotton has come a long way until becoming a real basis of the male wardrobe. Let it be said, today, the t-shirt is undoubtedly one of the clothes that we consume the most and which we replace most often! We, therefore, tend to be less attentive to it (wrongly, of course!), While investing in good and vigorous t-shirts is the key to a well-mastered wardrobe. When looking for a t-shirt, several parameters must be taken into account: the material, the quality of the finishes or the cut. There is no secret, a good t-shirt will have to meet these main requirements.

The little story of the t-shirt

Even if the exact origin of the t-shirt is rather vague, we know that it was indeed present in the locker room of men of the American working class from the XIXth century. Most often, founding as underwear, worn under a shirt or under a work overall. The United States military adopted the lightweight cotton piece. Specifically the US Navy in 1913 as an undershirt, for various reasons. With a round neck and short sleeves, the white cotton t-shirt absorbed perspiration and was easily washable. It is from this moment that this piece will gradually demilitarize and then gain popularity. During the Second World War, the American army will, in turn, introduce Europe to the famous t-shirt. Civilian life will adopt until today becoming one of the essential basics of the male wardrobe.

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