A contemporary version of the blouse, the T-shirt is the symbol of casual style . Thanks to the evolution of printing techniques on textiles, it has now become a means of communicating tastes and sharing messages.

Its wide variety of colors and patterns or its accessibility in terms of price facilitates seasonal renewal. Well chosen and associated with appropriate clothing, the T-shirt can enhance your look and bring more originality to your figure.

Choosing your neckline: the fundamentals of a t-shirt?

To wear a t-shirt or a top , the neckline is undoubtedly one of the most important components of design . We always choose it according to the volume of the chest and the size of the body.

For generous breasts, for example, it is advisable to favor square necklines or V-necks, because they create an effect of lightness and flatter the curves. On the other hand, it is necessary to avoid the collars close to the neck, because they weigh down the pace.

For small breasts, round necks or boat necks are good options, they have the distinction of nicely clearing the shoulders and accentuate the femininity of the neck.

For silhouettes with rather broad shoulders, recommended favoring the necklines at the crew neck.

Choose the material of your t-shirt

The t-shirts are usually worn close to the body to bring lightness and grace to the movements of the latter. However, choosing them too tightly can highlight the curves more than necessary, or bring out the brands of the bra for example, which is anything but aesthetic.

The preferred materials for t-shirts are, therefore:

  • The cotton, natural and simple matter. It lets the skin breathe enough and is more hygienic, especially when there is perspiration.
  • The polyester generally recommended because of its easy maintenance machine.
  • The jersey, very elegant and luminous matter, very gentle to the skin. It is a fabric that can be combined with cotton or polyester viscose.

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