The different types of tops and tops

  • Shirt –  It is a garment that was originally only for men. Integrated for a long time in the female wardrobe, it uses the same codes as the male version: the collar, the long sleeves, the button placket, and often this very specific material. It is generally cut more curved for women.
  • Blouse –  The blouse can designate two things: either, exclusively, the feminine shirt (there is no “blouse” in the male cloakroom), or it is a shirt which takes again some codes of the blouse, like the wide-cut or fluids.
  • Blouse –  A blouse is a garment most often with long sleeves or manches sleeves. It is generally ample and cut in light materials.
  • Body –  It’s this tight top that attaches to the crotch that makes you so hard when you want to pee.
  • Bustier –  The bustier is a garment that has no sleeves and fits tightly around the bust. It is he who reveals your breasts or your bra in broad daylight if he slips (motherfucker).
  • Crop top –  A top cut at the waist, so that you show your pretty navel to everyone.
  • T-shirts – A  very well-known top that takes its name from its “T” shape created by its short sleeves and straight cut.
  • Tank top –  A sleeveless top. Called “marcel” by some malicious people.
  • Tank tops –  A derivative of the tank top where the armholes are cut much wider.
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  • Camisole –  A tank top with very thin straps, which incorporates the codes of lingerie in its materials and finishes.
  • Sweater –  A garment with long sleeves and without opening in front, generally knitted of wool or made of warm material.
  • Vests –  An open garment, often with a buttonhole on the front, basic sleeveless, and which is not necessarily knitted.
  • Cardigan –  The cardigan is always long sleeved, mostly knitted, and always with a buttonhole on the front.
  • Sweatshirts –  The sweatshirt is mostly made of thick cotton, with an elastic collar, with raglan sleeves (see below!) For purists. He slips on through the collar (sometimes struggling) and he is the best friend of streetwear closets.
  • Hoodie –  This is, in reality, the real name of the hoodie.
  • Tunic –  A long top. The tunic can designate any version “with more fabric” of the tops that we know. We can therefore have a tunic blouse, a tunic sweater, a tunic shirt … The bodysuit version, on the other hand, does not work.
  • Wrap-around –  The wrap-around is a crossed top on the front. He was very fashionable in the 2000s too, good boy.
  • Bras –  A short top that looks a lot like the bra sometimes, in its shape. It also designates all crop-tops which are cut even shorter than above the waist, and which have wide straps like tank tops. It is also the name of what you wore when you were 12 years old, before your first bra (nostalgia moment).

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