I love kidney beans. After bananas and sweet potatoes, this is one of the most versatile foods. They have a pleasant texture, go with both sweet and savory and even go very well with chocolate. Not to mention their richness in proteins, fibers and complex carbohydrates. So you will understand, I am a big fan.

One of my favorite ways to taste red beans is mashed on a toast, with a bit of oilseed mash and a sweetener. I find this sweet, unctuous, sweet mixture divine. Not to mention that it is very filling.

The recipe for red bean paste that I share with you today is the elaborate version of this mixture.
More than a simple topping, mainly made of red beans, it will complement your meals at any time of the day by replacing your source of legumes.
Who wants toast with jam?

Before making your red bean paste :

  • For an even more protein and fragrant version, prefer Azukis beans to classic red beans;
  • In order not to lose the nutritional and taste benefits of the use of healthy foods, favor the quality of your ingredients;
  • Speaking of ingredients, they were all chosen with care and are important for the final taste. If there is one that does not suit you, try to replace it rather than omitting it completely :);
  • Good food !

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