1. What does tuna contain?

As an oily fish, tuna represents a privileged source of omega 3 unsaturated fatty acids, the protective effects of which on health have been widely demonstrated. Like all fish, it is rich in quality protein, but also provides significant amounts of vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin A and provitamin A and selenium.

Tuna provides protein and fat.

Its lipids contain a majority and polyunsaturated fatty acids and in particular omega 3, endowed with beneficial effects on cardiovascular health.

It also contains an important part of monounsaturated fatty acids, also favorable to the cardiovascular system.

It is an excellent source of group B vitamins, especially vitamins B12 and B3 (or PP ); as well as vitamin A and provitamin A.

It also provides Vitamin D and Vitamin E.

Its flesh offers high concentrations of minerals and trace elements, especially selenium and phosphorus.

2. What are its benefits?

Fish is an excellent source of protein: it contains the nine essential amino acids necessary for our body. These proteins play a key role in the formation of digestive enzymes, hormones and tissues, such as the skin and bones.

Tuna contains eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid , two fatty acids from the omega 3 family , which have protective effects on the cardiovascular system .

As part of a varied and balanced diet, regular consumption of tuna would reduce the risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease 1.

These omega 3 would also have anti-inflammatory effects, useful in the treatment of pathologies such as asthma , rheumatoid arthritispsoriasis 2 and inflammatory bowel diseases .

They also help prevent mood disorders like depression 3.

Docosahexaenoic acid participates in the development and functioning of the brain, and in the maintenance of cognitive functions and vision4.

Finally, it has a high concentration of selenium , a trace element whose antioxidant properties have been widely demonstrated. It would thus help prevent premature aging of cells caused by free radicals .

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