Buying guide: How to choose your Chairs-and-a-half?

The dining room chairs are an integral part of the decor of the room. Comfortable, design, colorful or more sober, mismatched or plain, they are carefully selected to bring the final touch to the decoration of your dining room. Our advice for making the right choice.

Gone are the days when dining room chairs were chosen a bit at random: now we are giving them our full attention, well aware that they will really enhance the decor of the dining room. They must in fact combine look and comfort .

Dining room chairs: with high or low backrest?

If you regularly use your dining room and / or you receive a lot, the comfort of the chairs becomes a paramount criterion. First element to take into account, the height of the backrest, explains Marion Lanoë, interior designer and decorator in Lyon: “The higher the backrest, the more comfortable the seat, but the high backrest also brings a more classic side to the decor”. Conversely, the chairs with a low back are less comfortable but more modern and contemporary: they give a more refined style to the dining room. “High or low chairs, the customer must also choose according to the size of the dining room, continues Emilie Dairain, store manager Monsieur Meuble d’Angers. In a small room, if the backrest is too high.

Dining room chairs: always more comfort

To be comfortable, the seat height also comes into play. With a classic height table of 75 cm, the ideal seat height is around 45 cm, but this is very subjective and also depends on the person size: if you are very tall, you may feel more comfortable on a chair with a seat height of 42 or 43 cm. The board? If you buy your chairs at the same time as your table, take the time to test them in-store to check their ergonomics. “To further increase comfort, we can also opt for chairs with armrests, specifies Marion Lanoë. You will put less around the table because they are wider but on the comfort side, you will be like in an armchair.

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