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Are your rectus abdominis (often known as “six-pack abs”) the focus of all your ab exercises? It’s simple to overlook the others, but building a solid core requires a 360-degree strategy, of which your obliques are a crucial component. These muscles in your core are crucial for daily activity because they stabilize your body, control your breathing, and support your lower back.

According to Kristie Larson, CPT, although you may consider your obliques to be your “side abs,” all of your abdominal muscles are actually layered in the front. Your trunk can rotate and flex thanks to the internal and external obliques, which also cooperate with the other abdominal muscles to produce intraabdominal pressure (the sensation happening when you brace your core).

Although it’s a myth that rotating will strain your lower back, Larson asserts that “the ability to rotate and to control rotation correctly is very crucial to the way that we work.” According to her, rotating teaches your body to carry high loads without experiencing pain or injury. For everything we do in daily life, she explains, “our trunk needs to be able to bend, fold, and twist.” (Notice how tight the obliques are.)

Persuaded to include an oblique exercise in your routine? The oblique workouts listed below are the best in the business and suitable for all levels of strength. Combine one or two motions for a spicy sequence that will burn your side abs in your core program or full-body workouts. Never lose sight of your form.