Xulnaz fact sheet on mental health providing key facts and information on determinants, strategies and interventions, Xulnaz response.

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    After years of coaching frustrated, yo-yo dieting women with fat loss goals, Jason Seib has reached a firm conclusion: his job is about minds, not bodies. Poor body image, low confidence, self sabotage, perfectionism, extrinsic motivations, social comparison, a basic misunderstanding of what fat loss really is – these are just a few of the obstacles keeping so many women from achieving their goals and creating bodies they love to live in. Yes, he is a man, but few professionals of either gender could ever lay claim to as much passion and devotion as Seib has poured into Body Beliefs. You can have the body you want, but you’re focused on the wrong part of the problem and your perspective is keeping you from success. Change your beliefs so that you can change your body. Forever.

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    He who has a ‘why’ to live for can bear almost any ‘how.'” But how to go on when all that you live for and love is taken, in blow after agonizing blow? ‘Dancing To The Darkest Light’ tackles the big questions in a tale of finding grace in a brutally unkind world. It is the heartwarming saga of a loving family’s struggle starting in 1950’s Iran.

    You will never look at life in the same way once you read this book.

    Soheila’s peaceful life is shattered by the revolution and dangerous circumstances in 1978, while a student at Pahlavi University. The family is forced to flee the country and leave everything behind.

    Soheila gets married, settles in New York. Raises four sons and manages her life and deals with the everyday ups and downs. Her three sisters also establish careers and families of their own, while the apple of the family’s eye, her brother, Fariborz, becomes a sought-after neurosurgeon. They are the absolute embodiment of the American dream, until tragedy strikes. Soheila is faced by the most heart-wrenching tragedy any parent can face. She thinks she has seen the worst until her brother and sister’s battles with life start. She vows to save her brother even if that means facing death herself. She agrees to do the impossible and the ‘hero’s journey’ starts.

    Dancing To The Darkest Lightis a memoir of survival, how one sister, daughter and mother finds reason to go on after the most crushing loses imaginable and still sees beauty in life. It is a heartwarming family saga and an unforgettable account of faith and not just love, but unconditional love. This book is an inspiring, motivating, positive, wise and life-changing story.

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    Intent on breaking the stigma of mental illness, Therapy Twins offer a look under their hood and into their lives. In From Under the Hood: Therapy Twins’ Guide to a Smoother Ride, they reveal their own diagnoses with comedic twists while sharing traditional and nontraditional “tune-ups” to guide you through a journey of healing.

    A survival guide in a Cliff Notes kind of way, Therapy Twins address a host of issues related to your well-being. Learn how to:

    – rewire some of your worst experiences;
    – get over that dude or chick who did you wrong;
    – get along with family;
    – receive a tune-up and restart your body, mind, and spirit;
    – let go of bitterness and resentment and learn that forgiveness is the new “F” word;

    Using Therapy Twins’ personal experiences, education, and work as a backdrop, From Under the Hood: Therapy Twins Guide to a Smoother Ride presents both a memoir of two intertwined, difficult childhoods and a guide to overcoming psychological difficulties from depression, anxiety and PTSD.

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    You find a way to deal with the challenges life throws your way… which is always easier said than done.

    A favorite quote of mine, by George Bernard Shaw, explains a lot of why I feel we struggle in life:

    “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

    Which is why I wanted to write this book. To share how incorporating more FUN into our lives will ultimately allow us to deal with any challenging moments that come our way.

    Take a moment right now and think about someone you know who is consistently upbeat, optimistic, and appears to be troubled by nothing. On the surface, they look like they enjoy life and have a lot of FUN.

    Ever wished you could be more like them? Wished you could approach life the same way, letting things just roll off your back like water off a duck’s back?

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    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The visionary behind the million-strong IF:Gathering challenges Christian women to transform their outlook and their lives by interrupting their spiraling thoughts and realizing their God-given power to think differently.

    “A must-have resource for anyone looking to get control of their thoughts.”—Lysa TerKeurst, #1 New York Times best-selling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries

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    You’re ready for a new romance, but how can you avoid repeating past mistakes? The author of Getting Past Your Breakup offers an essential guide to building a healthy relationship.

    Plenty of dating books offer advice on how to flirt or catch someone’s eye, but they won’t help you make better decisions during the selection process so you can find real love. Based on years of research and work with her own clients, Susan Elliott offers a proven plan that will help you to:

    Examine past relationships for unfinished business and negative patterns
    Identify warning signs and red flags
    Keep your standards and boundaries high, even when you’re head over heels
    Work through rejection, rebounding, and other bumps in the road
    Decide when to take a relationship to the next level and when to say goodbye

    With practical rules, strategies, and self-assessments—including tips for dating as a parent and dating online—Getting Back Out There will help you transition from your split to a happy, healthy new relationship.

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    NATIONAL BESTSELLER • An up-close portrait of the mind of an addict and a life unraveled by narcotics—a memoir of captivating urgency and surprising humor that puts a human face on the opioid crisis.

    “Raw, brutal, and shocking. Move over, Orange Is the New Black.”—Amy Dresner, author of My Fair Junkie

    When word got out that Tiffany Jenkins was withdrawing from opiates on the floor of a jail cell, people in her town were shocked. Not because of the twenty felonies she’d committed, or the nature of her crimes, or even that she’d been captain of the high school cheerleading squad just a few years earlier, but because her boyfriend was a Deputy Sherriff, and his friends—their friends—were the ones who’d arrested her.

    A raw and twisty page-turning memoir that reads like fiction, High Achiever spans Tiffany’s life as an active opioid addict, her 120 days in a Florida jail where every officer despised what she’d done to their brother in blue, and her eventual recovery. With heart-racing urgency and unflinching honesty, Jenkins takes you inside the grips of addiction and the desperate decisions it breeds. She is a born storyteller who lived an incredible story, from blackmail by an ex-boyfriend to a soul-shattering deal with a drug dealer, and her telling brims with suspense and unexpected wit. But the true surprise is her path to recovery. Tiffany breaks through the stigma and silence to offer hope and inspiration to anyone battling the disease—whether it’s a loved one or themselves.

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    Nichole’s powerful true story is a page turner that takes you inside her remarkable life journey, demonstrating that no one is beyond hope. You’ll walk hand in hand with Nichole through her traumatic childhood into a life of of triumph. Her story will bring you encouragement as you realize there’s victory available for every trauma, incurable illness, addiction, rejection, and heartache; and, there’s freedom for every self-destructive loved one who has wandered off the path. In reading Hold On to Hope, you’ll discover that God is an incredibly Good and Rescuing Father, who leads us into perfect hope, healing, and wholeness. This book will help anyone who is dealing with rejection, self-hatred, drug or alcohol abuse, mental or emotional disorders, and will help people who have loved ones struggling in life.

    “I was thoroughly blessed reading “Hold On to Hope”. Knowing Nichole now, it’s hard to believe that she was ever the disturbed woman portrayed in this book. The Lord enabled her to present her story in such a way that you will really feel what she went through. And when you read of how the truth set her free, you’ll rejoice with her. I highly recommend this book for anyone who has dealt with rejection, self-hatred, drug or alcohol abuse, mental or emotional disorders, or anyone who doesn’t know who they are in Christ. If the revelation of our new identity in Christ can set Nichole free, it will work for anyone. She is a trophy of God’s grace.”

    Andrew Wommack
    Founder of Andrew Womack Ministries

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    Written for mothers seeking to fulfill their soul’s work while simultaneously raising future generations, Sacred Motherhood offers women on the path of motherhood a guide back to themselves. It will help you embrace the reality that this is your spiritual life—every moment of every day, whether you are at the grocery store, changing diapers, arguing with your partner, snuggling with your baby, or dyeing your teenager’s hair pink. Greet the moments when you fall down as awakening opportunities, every bit as holy and powerful as the moments you can drop in and bliss out.

    Spanning the sacred and the mundane, Sacred Motherhood is both a guide and a journal, enticing you to pause momentarily to reflect and write, and then return to your mothering tasks armed with a fresh perspective, renewed vision, practical tips, and creative ideas for enriching family life. For fifty-two weeks—a year of sacred motherhood—the chapters illuminate subjects that are likely to arise as the mothering journey unfolds, and present thoughtful prompts and helpful reminders relating to you, your soul, and your child.

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    Navigating the waters of dementia can be frightening, unleashing a myriad of emotions for everyone involved. After Vicki Tapia’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, followed closely by her father with Parkinson’s disease-related dementia, she struggled to find practical, helpful information to light her way. Somebody Stole My Iron began as a diary to help her cope, but emerged as a road map for others. It offers a glimpse into her family’s life as they rode the waves of dementia, sometimes sailing, other times capsizing. This engaging memoir offers useful information from experts within the field of Alzheimer’s research, personal lessons the author learned along the way, and ideas and tips for managing the day-to-day ups and downs of dementia.

    “Vicki Tapia’s diary of the decline of her parents’ lives due to Alzheimer’s is a harrowing account of the gradual disintegration and ending of two lives in advanced age. It is also a daughter’s loving memoir, a painstaking tale of the progression of dementia, with its sad, funny, mysterious, baffling, infuriating and frustrating series of incidents. At the end of each chapter Tapia summarizes what she has learned from her experience and how, with hindsight, it could have been improved, providing an excellent practical guide for the reader. This book is both a spellbinding modern tale and an invaluable resource.”

    -Valerie Hemingway, author, Running With the Bulls, My Life With the Hemingways


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    In her long-awaited debut, a beloved master teacher shows us how to move from the “constant squeeze” of suffering to a direct experience of enoughness.

    The magnanimous heart is a heart of balance and buoyancy, of generosity and inclusivity. It allows us to approach each moment exactly as it is, in a fresh and alive way free from agendas and “shoulds,” receiving all that arises. It has the capacity to hold anything and everything, transforming even vulnerability and grief into workable assets.

    In writing evocative of Pema Chödrön’s, Narayan Helen Liebenson teaches us exactly how it is possible to turn the sting and anguish of loss into a path of liberation—the deep joy, peace, and happiness within our own hearts that exists beyond mere circumstances.

    The Magnanimous Heart shows us how to skillfully respond to painful human emotions through the art of meditative inquiry, or questioning wisely. Readers will learn how to live from a compassionate love that guides our lives and warms whatever it shines upon.

    With metta and compassion as companions and allies, we discover how our own magnanimous hearts can gently allow the inner knots to untie themselves.

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    In Try Softer, you’ll learn how to:

    • Know and set emotional and relational boundaries
    • Make sense of the difficult experiences you’ve had
    • Identify your attachment style―and how that affects your relationships today
    • Move through emotions rather than get stuck by them
    • Grow in self-compassion and talk back to your inner critic
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