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An important component of a patient’s comprehensive oral hygiene is mouth care. In a variety of healthcare settings, such as hospitals, residential care facilities, or patients’ homes, nurses may be required to do an oral examination and/or provide mouth care. As a result, they need to make sure they have the knowledge, self-assurance, and skills to execute it well while staying within their areas of expertise. Where appropriate, the patient’s family and/or caregivers should be encouraged to participate in Mouth Care. They will be able to learn how to keep an eye on and manage the patient’s dental hygiene as a result.

Patients should be assisted and encouraged to perform their own oral hygiene whenever possible. However, maintaining patients’ oral hygiene is a crucial nursing responsibility and is regarded as a vital component of care when they are unable to accomplish this (Department of Health, 2010). It takes practice to properly clean a patient’s oral cavity.