Read on to learn about the many factors, such as vitamins, sexual health, parenting, and diet, that affect women’s health.

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    Do you ever wonder who you are and why you’re here? Do you long for more meaning and purpose? Can you sense that there has to be something more to your life?
    Awaken is a guide to clear out the blocks getting in the way of your Truth.
    In this book, you will find six sacred steps to help you remember who you are, what you want, and why you were put on this earth. You will learn how to break through the inevitable fear that arises when you follow your heart, so you can confidently live a fulfilling and purposeful life.
    If you’ve been searching for what’s next in your life and you’re ready to awaken to who you truly are, this is the path to get you there.
    The answers you’ve been seeking are waiting for you on the inside. It’s time.
    Inside of this book, you’ll find the 6 Sacred Steps that will walk you through profound healing and awakening. A guidebook is included inside the book to help you work through each of these sacred steps and includes sacred practices, journaling prompts, affirmations, an accompanying music playlist, and other tools to guide you on your path.
    Do not wait. If you’re ready to be intentional about your future, grab your copy now.

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    2019 Wilbur Award, Nonfiction Winner
    2019 Readers’ Favorite Awards, Finalist in Nonfiction (Cooking/Food)
    2018 Foreword INDIES Winner, Self-Help
    2018 National Jewish Book Award in Women’s Studies, Finalist

    What if you could bake bread once a week, every week? What if the smell of fresh bread could turn your house into a home? And what if the act of making the bread―mixing and kneading, watching and waiting―could heal your heartache and your emptiness, your sense of being overwhelmed? It can. This is the surprise that physician-mother Beth Ricanati learned when she started baking challah: that simply stopping and baking bread was the best medicine she could prescribe for women in a fast-paced world.

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    Have you tried the diets, exercise programs, and self-help rituals, but still feel stuck when it comes to your body image? Do you sometimes feel frustrated because you compared yourself to others and fall short? Are you tired of Christian books that tell you ”It’s what’s on the inside that counts!” and leave you unchanged. Then Compared to Who? is for you. It may not be grammatically correct, but it’s one question every woman should ask as she wrestles issues like:

    • Am I enough?
    • Should I try to be more beautiful?
    • Will anyone ever love me as I am?
    • Would my life be different if I looked different?

    Author Heather Creekmore has fought the body image battle and won. With lots of grace and laugh out loud humor, she’s ready to help you do the same. Compared to Who includes chapter questions for individual or small group study to help you transform your body image and find new freedom and confidence to live out your God-given purpose.

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    Choosing a path to health and wellness just got easier.

    Too often we get confused by conflicting natural health information online. With 75 easy to understand answers to common questions about essential oils, herbs and supplements, this book cuts through the confusion and empowers you to decide on your best wellness practices.

    From newbies to natural wellness veterans, here you will find practical, no nonsense answers to common science questions in straightforward language. This reference tool separates fact from fiction, and instead of fear mongering and insisting that there is one right way to own your health, provides rational options so you can choose what is right for you.

    Written by Lindsey Elmore, PharmD, BCPS is a pharmacist, chemist and a world-renowned authority on health and wellness education. She has educated tens of millions of people online and in person in more than 85 countries.

    Example Questions Answered in this Book

    1. How does the sense of smell work?
    2. Can essential oil molecules enter the brain?
    3. What effect do essential oils have on bacteria?
    4. Can people with allergic or contact dermatitis use essential oils?
    5. I have epilepsy; can I use essential oils?
    6. I have diabetes; can I use essential oils or supplements?
    7. I have lung disease; can I use essential oils?
    8. I have an autoimmune disease; can I use essential oils?
    9. I have an autoimmune disease; can I use supplements?
    10. I have heartburn; can I use peppermint essential oil?
    11. I’ve had an estrogen-linked cancer; can I use essential oils?
    12. I’ve had an estrogen-linked cancer; can I use supplements?
    13. I have high blood pressure; can I use essential oils?
    14. I’ve had a transplant; can I use essential oils?
    15. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome; can I use supplements?
    16. I have thyroid disease; can I use essential oils?

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    Intent on breaking the stigma of mental illness, Therapy Twins offer a look under their hood and into their lives. In From Under the Hood: Therapy Twins’ Guide to a Smoother Ride, they reveal their own diagnoses with comedic twists while sharing traditional and nontraditional “tune-ups” to guide you through a journey of healing.

    A survival guide in a Cliff Notes kind of way, Therapy Twins address a host of issues related to your well-being. Learn how to:

    – rewire some of your worst experiences;
    – get over that dude or chick who did you wrong;
    – get along with family;
    – receive a tune-up and restart your body, mind, and spirit;
    – let go of bitterness and resentment and learn that forgiveness is the new “F” word;

    Using Therapy Twins’ personal experiences, education, and work as a backdrop, From Under the Hood: Therapy Twins Guide to a Smoother Ride presents both a memoir of two intertwined, difficult childhoods and a guide to overcoming psychological difficulties from depression, anxiety and PTSD.

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    You’re ready for a new romance, but how can you avoid repeating past mistakes? The author of Getting Past Your Breakup offers an essential guide to building a healthy relationship.

    Plenty of dating books offer advice on how to flirt or catch someone’s eye, but they won’t help you make better decisions during the selection process so you can find real love. Based on years of research and work with her own clients, Susan Elliott offers a proven plan that will help you to:

    Examine past relationships for unfinished business and negative patterns
    Identify warning signs and red flags
    Keep your standards and boundaries high, even when you’re head over heels
    Work through rejection, rebounding, and other bumps in the road
    Decide when to take a relationship to the next level and when to say goodbye

    With practical rules, strategies, and self-assessments—including tips for dating as a parent and dating online—Getting Back Out There will help you transition from your split to a happy, healthy new relationship.

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    In this book you will learn:

    • The fundamentals of optimal glute training
    • The anatomy and function of the glutes
    • How to select exercises based on your physique and training goals
    • How to perform the most effective exercises for sculpting rounder, stronger glutes
    • Variations of the hip thrust, deadlift, and squat exercises
    • Sample training templates and splits that cater to different training goals and preferences
    • How to implement advanced methods into your training routine
    • Diet strategies to reach weight loss and body composition goals
    • Sample glute burnouts and templates
    • Twelve-week beginner, intermediate, and advanced full-body training programs with a glute emphasis
    • How to design your own customized training programs
    • How to overcome plateaus in training, strength, and physique

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    NATIONAL BESTSELLER • An up-close portrait of the mind of an addict and a life unraveled by narcotics—a memoir of captivating urgency and surprising humor that puts a human face on the opioid crisis.

    “Raw, brutal, and shocking. Move over, Orange Is the New Black.”—Amy Dresner, author of My Fair Junkie

    When word got out that Tiffany Jenkins was withdrawing from opiates on the floor of a jail cell, people in her town were shocked. Not because of the twenty felonies she’d committed, or the nature of her crimes, or even that she’d been captain of the high school cheerleading squad just a few years earlier, but because her boyfriend was a Deputy Sherriff, and his friends—their friends—were the ones who’d arrested her.

    A raw and twisty page-turning memoir that reads like fiction, High Achiever spans Tiffany’s life as an active opioid addict, her 120 days in a Florida jail where every officer despised what she’d done to their brother in blue, and her eventual recovery. With heart-racing urgency and unflinching honesty, Jenkins takes you inside the grips of addiction and the desperate decisions it breeds. She is a born storyteller who lived an incredible story, from blackmail by an ex-boyfriend to a soul-shattering deal with a drug dealer, and her telling brims with suspense and unexpected wit. But the true surprise is her path to recovery. Tiffany breaks through the stigma and silence to offer hope and inspiration to anyone battling the disease—whether it’s a loved one or themselves.

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    “Rachel beautifully illustrates that loving fiercely and grieving deeply are often two halves of the same whole. Her story will break you down and lift you up.” —Glennon Doyle, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Love Warrior and founder of Together Rising

    While on her way to teach a yoga retreat in March 2014, Rachel Brathen collapses at an airport, brought to her knees by excruciating stomach pains. She is rushed to the hospital on the tiny island of Bonaire, and hours later forced to undergo surgery. When she wakes up from anesthesia, her boyfriend is weeping at her bedside. While Rachel was struck down with seemingly mysterious pain, her best friend, Andrea, sustained fatal injuries as a result of a car accident. Rachel and Andrea had a magical friendship. Though they looked nothing alike—one girl tall, blond, and Swedish, the other short, brunette, and Colombian—everyone called them gemelas: twins.

    Over the three years following Andrea’s death, at what might appear from the outside to be the happiest time—with her engagement to the man she loves and a blossoming career that takes her all over the world—Rachel faces a series of trials that have the potential to define her life. Unresolved grief and trauma from her childhood make the weight of her sadness unbearable. At each turn, she is confronted again and again with a choice: Will she lose it all, succumb to grief, and grasp for control that’s beyond her reach? Or can she move through the loss and let go?

    When Rachel and her husband conceive a child, pregnancy becomes a time to heal and an opportunity to be reborn herself. As she recounts this transformative period, Rachel shares her hard-won wisdom about life and death, love and fear, what it means to be a mother and a daughter, and how to become someone who walks through the fire of adversity with the never-ending practice of loving hard and letting go.

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    Do you ever look around at friends, family, colleagues, or the people you grew up with and wonder why their lives appear to be more successful than yours?

    Do you find yourself feeling at times you don’t quite measure up,
    while others seem to be so happy and in control?

    And no matter how many self-help books or therapists you try,
    you’re still not getting the positive results you want in life…?

    Until now.

    In his groundbreaking book, YOU DESERVE IT, renowned international speaker and mindset coach
    Dr. Josh Wagner reveals an incredibly simple new pathway to fulfillment. His pioneering work demonstrates how unconscious undeserving beliefs are the obstacle standing in the way of your goals, happiness and peace of mind.

    “Your reality is a reflection of what you believe you deserve in life,” he says, having compared the thought patterns of the highest achievers to those who struggle.

    Here, Dr. Wagner leads you through his revolutionary 3-step Deserving Process, combining clear explanations, doable action steps and practical exercises to move you through life’s toughest challenges to achieving your biggest dreams.

    He also offers real-life accounts of people who have transformed their lives by shifting their ingrained deserving beliefs.  And he wants you to have this too.

    What better time to start your same journey than now?

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