Want To Buy Room Air Cooler So Now Buy Room Air Cooler From Home Shopping With Best Price In the USA. Okay, now that summer has arrived, choosing between an air cooler and an air conditioner is a toss-up.

A good air conditioner costs more to operate and is not portable. In contrast, a cooler may be moved from one room to another and is more cost-effective. Additionally, air conditioners prevent you from moving freely throughout the house, whereas coolers don’t. In Thailand’s tropical climates, evaporative air coolers are commonly approved for outdoor use.

Their role in creating interior thermal comfort has not yet been established. The goals of this study are to ascertain the amount of thermal comfort provided by evaporative air coolers and to pinpoint factors that influence thermal comfort when using one indoors in Thailand’s tropical environment.

The results of a survey asking participants about their level of thermal comfort while being exposed to evaporatively cooled air were contrasted with those of those who were exposed to ambient air.

Multiple regression analysis helped to identify the factors influencing thermal comfort. This study effectively identified the thermal comfort level of 0.6 (slightly cool) on the thermal sensation scale that is attained by evaporative air coolers, which is lower than the level of 0.0 (neutral feeling) attained by fans.

To prevent discomfort from the too-wet air, it is advised that evaporative air conditioners with a high velocity of 1.4 m/s be utilized indoors. The results of the regression analysis show that the two most important factors influencing thermal sensation in the use of evaporative air cooling in Thailand are air temperature and velocity.