Inverter Batteries

Inverters Battery

Ingeteam’s new battery inverter, the Ingecon Sun Storage of the PowerMax family, completes the range of inverters for charge and discharge management of batteries, ranging from 3 kW to 1.2 MW. With a power of 1.16 MW, it also exists in a photovoltaic inverter version only. The Injection Sun Storage PowerMax is a bidirectional three-phase device for usage of either in isolated systems or connected to the network. With a wide power range and a single block. Configured according to different operating modes (isolated, back-up or self-consumption).

In order to facilitate maintenance operations, the input and output power supplies have integrated into the same cabinet. Battery control technology ensures the maximum useful life of the system. This range of inverters is 100% compatible with INGECON SUN photovoltaic inverters and many battery technologies (lead, lithium-ion, NICD, etc.). The Injection Sun Storage PowerMax is available in indoor and outdoor versions.

Ingeteam, a company specializing in the design of power electronics and control systems (frequency converters, automation and process control), electrical machines (generators and motors), electrical engineering and power plants, is present in 4 main sectors: energy, industry, naval and rail traction. Its goal is to optimize energy consumption while seeking to maximize energy efficiency. It operates on 5 continents, employing over 3000 people. Today, more than 8% of its turnover is invested in R&D, the heart of Ingeteam’s activity. 

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