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The components of a washing machine

A clothes washer’s basic operation is straightforward: after sloshing your clothing about in soap suds for a while, it quickly rotates to remove the water.

But it’s a little more complicated than that. You probably picture a large water-filled drum when you think of a clothes washer.

but there are actually two drums, one within the other.

When the door or lid is opened, you can see the inner drum. The drum faces forward in a front-loading washing machine, which are popular in Europe.

The entire drum revolves around a horizontal axis as you push your clothing through the front door (like a car wheel).

The drum sloshes the clothing about by paddling around the edge and contains numerous tiny holes to let water in and out.

When using a toploader, which is more prevalent in Asia and the United States, you open the top lid and drop your garments into the drum from above.

Despite being positioned along a vertical axis, the drum is stationary.

Program for the washing machine
How to operate a washing machine Top: A mechanical clothes washer programmer from the past. The programmed is chosen using the dial on the left. The wash temperature is adjusted with the dial on the right, which also functions as a thermostat. An electronic programmer of the present. On a digital programmer circuit, these dials are attached.