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Standards for Gas Water Heaters’ Efficiency
The good news for consumers on a budget is that you may still buy and install a water heater that complies with 2014 efficiency criteria, provided that it was created before April 16, 2015. You can still get the less expensive, 2014 units up until they run out of stock by working with a knowledgeable company with a large inventory, like Fast Water Heater.

Efficiency Standards for Electric Water Heaters
High efficiency regulations for electric water heaters have always been present, but they are now significantly stricter. This is so because natural gas is more effective at heating water than electricity.

The efficiency requirements for water heaters bigger than 55 gallons have significantly increased. The EF minimum rises more than twice as much. Although these units will cost more, operating costs at the same level of usage should be less than half of the going rate.