Water Heater

Are you looking for a soapstone resistance water heater? a 20 x 27 pressure reducer or a hot water tank? Zulnaz, the renovation specialist, offers you a wide range of hot water tanks and accessories. It allows you to finalize all your heating projects as quickly as possible. To always satisfy you better, we have selected for you the biggest brands on the market including CSTB, Cumulus Expert, Saniself and Saunier Duval. Presented in a single-phase or three-phase. Our hot water tanks have a capacity ranging from 15 liters to 300 liters. In accordance with the primary energy consumption targets set by RT 2012. They can be installed both in new construction and in renovation projects. Reliable and efficient, our products adapt to all network waters, even the most aggressive.

Designed to last, they will meet all of your installation constraints. Available in the horizontal or vertical position, under-sink or over-sink. Our water heaters are also available in a multitude of sizes, volumes, powers, and technologies. From the hot water tank with an 1200 W thermo-diving resistance to the cumulus titanium electric water heater with 3000 W soapstone resistance, passing through the 2200 W thermodynamic water heater: the choice is vast at Aansa. You can discover all the essential accessories to maintain these professional heating systems at Aansa. Pressure reducer, siphon, drain hose, stainless steel safety kit, anti-tartar refill, connection plate or even dielectric insulating connection. You can find many types of heaters from our wide range of water heater parts.

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