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A very long history of innovative and intriguing clocks has been produced by Hermès. Even the most jaded watch fans were intrigued when the clever Hermès moon phase watch made its debut at the beginning of this year.
The timepiece displays several designs in addition to the dreamy impression produced by having two moons for each hemisphere. The lunar surface is represented by the lower moon on the watch’s dial.
The Protest
The Swiss mechanical self-winding movement powers the Hermès moon phase watch. The watch is powered by an oscillating weight that responds to motions in the environment.

The Diamonds and Metals Used
Customers can choose to have their Hermès moon phase watch finished differently. The watch body can be made of 316L steel, a stainless alloy, as one alternative. The steel is covered with gold. The thickness of the gold is at least 10 m. Steel and 750 gold are other alternatives in addition to 750 gold. The gold option comes in three different colours: yellow, pink, and white.
Leather Strap by Hermès
The strap has a classic Hermès design and is offered in a range of high-end leather finishes. Alligator, smooth or grained calfskin, ostrich, and goatskin are available options. Saddle stitching ensures a higher degree of resistance and durability. Natural leather treatments maintain the leather’s look and condition.