Jewelry Artist Podcast Play Is When Joe Silvera Is Most Creative

A man I can relate to! Joe Silvera is a Jewelry maker who puts a lot of focus, patience, and procedure into his work, but creativity is a different story.

He claims that setting aside your thoughts and simply playing at the bench is the best method for designing jewellery and overcoming many problems that jewellery artisans have.

Diversifying as a Jewelry Artist
CAD, or computer-aided design. more figuratively inclined software, such as zBrush. All of my wax models are still hand-carved, which makes me somewhat of a dinosaur. Although CAD and 3D printing are now prominent in the sector, hand labour is still highly regarded.

Tutorial for Wire Earrings with Electroformed Pendants

One end of a wire length should be flush cut. Around the 2mm barrel of the forming or bail-making pliers, create a small, straightforward loop.

The top of the loop should rest against the parallel pliers’ barrel when the wire is placed in their jaws. The larger barrel should be wrapped in the wire.

On the bench block, place an earwire. To make the earwire more durable, hammer it.

When worn and stored in a jewellery box, the earwire will be better able to maintain its shape as a result.

One huge pendant’s loop is added to the chain’s open link at one end before the link is closed.

Open the earwire’s basic loop and insert a link.