The Ultimate Buying Guide for OMEGA Watches

One of the few names that may match Rolex’s fame among the most well-known watches companies in the world is Omega.

Numerous classic models from their vast portfolio have been immortalized by some of history’s most significant accomplishments and some of pop culture’s most enduring icons.

Even those with a casual interest in horology will recognize some of the names in the current Omega watch lineup, and for true enthusiasts, they tell of expeditions on land, at sea, and even those that are truly extraterrestrial.

Since its founding in 1848, Omega has grown to become one of the true giants of the Swiss watch business.

The Omega catalogue currently consists of four main collections (the Speedmaster, Seamaster, De Ville, and Constellation), with numerous sub-groups within each. The brand produces top-tier dive watches, chronographs that lead their sector, incredibly attractive dress watches, and tough everyday beaters, all at prices that range from very affordable to extremely pricey.

We’ve compiled a brief buying guide for Omega watches below as an overview of the company’s top models. Although it doesn’t cover every piece, it provides an excellent starting point for what can occasionally be a perplexing collection. Additionally, we’ve decided not to list any limited edition models because there might not be enough room on the internet to do so.