Dramatic eye makeup

Mastering Dramatic eye makeup is a right of passage for beauty enthusiasts and professionals alike – it’s one of those eye makeup looks that goes with everything from the red carpet to a night out with friends or drinks with friends. . . While this classic look may seem like something only makeup experts can master, perfecting a smoky eye is pretty easy when you break it down step by step. Here we will show you how to create this classic beauty look with the help of experts.

About the experts:

Lauren Berlingery is a facial for sensitive skin artist based in New Jersey. She has worked with luxury makeup brands, high-end salons, weddings, and New York Fashion Week, New York Bridal Fashion Week, commercial shoots, and television shows, including Say Yes to the Dress.


Lenny Bly is a makeup artist whose work has been featured in such publications as Vogue, ESPN Magazine, and Time Magazine.


What you need for the perfect smokey eye:


Concealer: A full coverage concealer such as YENSA BEAUTY Skin on Skin BC Concealer can be used to prep and smooth the eye area. Or, if you prefer to use facial for sensitive skin base instead of concealer, that will work too!


Shader Eyeshadow Brush: Before you start smudging your smoky eyes, use a dense facial for sensitive skin brush like the INMO Eyeshadow Brush to effectively transfer the eyeshadow pigment onto your lids.


Smudger Brush – A pointed smudger brush like this TETRIS™ X IPSY Smudger Brush is key to making sure all shadows blend seamlessly with no harsh lines.


Eyeshadow Palette: To create a classic smoky eye, you’ll need three matching facial for sensitive skin : a full shadow, a crease color, and a highlighter. A palette like the HUDA BEAUTY Obsessions Palette in Smoky offers a combination of shimmer and matte shades that can create a wide range of smoky eye looks.


Gel Eyeliner – A gel formula like SMASHBOX Cosmetics Always On Gel Liner makes it easy to create rich, blendable color that you can wash out for a dramatic smoky eye or leave on for a clean, more minimal look.

Black mascara: To make sure your mascara never smudges, try using a waterproof mascara that will stay completely sealed until you use the facial for sensitive skin remover.

Here’s how to do a smoky eye:


  1. Prepare your eyelids.

Start by prepping the eye area to prevent facial for sensitive skin from falling and smudging throughout the day. To prep, you can use an eyeshadow primer or an illuminating concealer, both of which will help soften the eye area and give your makeup a little lift.


Of the two options, makeup artist Lauren Berlingery prefers to use concealer. She applies it all over her eyelid, wherever she plans to apply the product. “It will soften the eye and create a flawless base for your shadow,” she says.


  1. Choose your eyeshadows.

A classic smokey eye includes three different shades: a lid shade (the part that moves when you blink), a crease shade, and a highlight shade. The crease tint is the darkest, the highlight tint is the lightest, and the lid tint is usually a medium shade. A classic smokey eye typically uses matte shades from the black, brown, gray, navy, or green family, but don’t be afraid to experiment with lighter or more colorful shades.


If you have small eyes, facial for sensitive skin artist Lenny Bully warns that if you make them too dark, your eyes will look even smaller. To counteract this effect, he says, “I’d say stay away from a slick black smoky eye. Instead, try using darker browns or even grays to tone down the intensity of the dark facial for sensitive skin.”


  1. Apply your full facial for sensitive skin.

Using a flat eyeshadow brush, apply your chosen color as a full eyeshadow (ie moving shadow) to the lid. “Blend it in well from the bottom of the lid to the middle of the lid so it looks more like a gradient and not a big blob of saturated color,” says Billy. To create a more revealing effect, she also recommends applying this shade of eyeshadow closer to your forehead than normal. “It gives the illusion that your lid area is larger and your eyes are wider, especially if you have large eyes,” he says.


  1. Color your crease.

Next, let’s add dimension to its look by adding a crease color.