Eyeshadow stick


Alleyoop 11 Hour Eyeshadow stick in Gotta Guava (Glitter) is a best-selling smudge-proof, crease-proof cream eyeshadow with powerful pigments and extra long wear. Cream Eyeshadow stick save you from needing a brush or breaking up powder eye shadow on the go. They are easy to use and versatile, but are often referred to as slip-on products.

Of course, for minimalists at heart, a simple one-tone lid can be the perfect way to add some warmth to your face without taking too much time or effort, but stick eyeshadow can do just fine. more. Cream eye shadows can be worn alone or combined with other cream or powder Eyeshadow stick to create an all-over look.

You can combine the cream eye shadows with no-makeup makeup or a glamorous evening look. Whether you want to find your daily makeup routine or add some pizzazz to your life, a rose gold cream shadow stick can find it there.

Cream vs Powder Eyeshadow

Before using a cream shadow, it helps to understand the difference between cream and powder shadows. You’ve probably used a powder Eyeshadow stick which can be loose or pressed pigments. You can then use a brush or applicator to transfer the pigments onto your eyes. The pigments can be mixed with a mixer brush.

The cream eyeshadows have an oil base that suspends pigments and come with a stick applicator. Natural oils like jojoba oil create a smooth look and keep eyelids well hydrated. You can add additional cream shadow to the crease and blend with an applicator, brush or finger to create a seamless look.


Creams and powders are generally not used together because powders can stick to cream Eyeshadow stick, making them difficult to blend. However, some techniques can take advantage of their different properties together.


One of the most popular makeup trends recently is the no-makeup makeup look. This trend uses makeup to enhance your natural beauty rather than covering it with additional makeup to create a specific effect or design.


Eyes: Apply a light wash of rose gold shadow to lid. You can also add a light brown shade to the crease if you want a bit more definition on your lids. You can apply brown or black mascara to your eyelashes to draw attention to your eyes.


Face: For the face, you can opt for a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer. Extra points if it also includes sunscreen. Concealers can help cover dark spots, blemishes, or dark circles. Face makeup should be a way to create a more even skin tone, but it shouldn’t create a heavy layer of foundation. Think light and bright. A little highlighter and blush can add a pop of color and a dewy finish that gives you a natural look.


Lips: For the lips, opt for a double-team tinted lip lotion. This will add a light color to your lips and keep them moisturized all day.

A daytime makeup look is a step up in the drama department of no-makeup makeup. Many of the same elements can be in play, but it’s more noticeable that you’re wearing Eyeshadow stick and looking stunning.

Eyes: For the eyes, start with a rose gold Eyeshadow stick base. Blend shades of light and medium brown into the crease. Coffee Break and Taupe Dollar would be great shades to mix in the crease. Do not use a heavy hand when applying eye shadow. Black mascara and a thin line of eyeliner can add the perfect touch to the look.

Face: A lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer is a great base for the face. In addition to this, you can add blush and highlighter to your upper cheeks. By using a small amount of bronzer you can define your cheekbones and create more definition.

Lips: A tinted lip lotion or neutral lipstick is a great hassle-free option for your lips. When you’re going to work or going out for the weekend, the last thing you want to worry about is your lipstick. Choose something low maintenance so it can thrive throughout the day.