I’ve wasted a lot of time searching in vain since I’ve done all the beginner mistakes when buying Perfumes going shopping after business hours, buying without trying and being seduced by a nice bottle without examining the juice.

The fragrance is personal; there are many perfectly gorgeous, entirely unoffensive releases that don’t excite me, and there are many acclaimed classics that belong in the past.

I’m drawn to scents that deviate from the standard and seem to have a single purpose. They merely have to be unique; they don’t have to be pricey designer exclusives or arcane niche products.

It can be similar to putting on your favourite pair of pants to find your trademark scent: It just feels right. Anyone who has shopped for perfume is aware that just because something looks appealing doesn’t necessarily mean it will smell appealing.  This is true whether you’re looking for a new bottle to add to your collection or someone else’s (fragrances, with their lovely packaging, can make for quite delightful gifts). I polled five cool individuals about their favourite scents, including beauty editors, podcasters, and jewellery designers, before searching our archives for any standouts (like a handful that famous people told us they couldn’t live without).