Dress Up & Pretend to Play Our Five Star Brands! Your Destination they are pretending to be a mother to some dolls or saving the world as a pretend superhero. When we were young, we were all taught, “You can be anything you want to be!” From a fireman to a vet, dress-up pretend play is a fantastic way of allowing your children to know and feel this affirmation. There are so many wonderful advantages to this type of gaming.

1. Promotes imagination

Children have the chance to develop their creativity through dress-up pretend play by creating their own characters and the stories and scenarios they are acting in. This gives kids the chance to develop their imaginations and gives them the freedom to become anybody or whatever they want to be.

2. Improvement of social skills

Even though imaginary dress-up play can definitely be a one-person show, it can also promote group connection. Communication and social skills are heavily utilized because each child has a unique part to play and because doing so enables the plot and characters to go forward.