1 Pack Adult Bib for Eating Washable Reusable Waterproof Clothing Protector with Optional Crumb Catcher 29.5″ x 19.3″ Men & Women (Green)


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  • Reusable, suitable for eating or drinking, perfect for the elderly, patient, adult, spill protector, meal time clothing Protector, etc.
  • 1 Pack Adult Bibs include 1 bibs: One Green Lattice.
  • Comfortable fit and decorative designs help hide stains.Removable crumb catcher to collect food items.Adjustable high-quality snaps closure at neck.
  • Elegant front design with high quality material provides softness but durability and waterproof back barrier keeps clothing from spills and staining.
  • Washable, easy to clean with wet cloth or wash it under rinsing water. 30″L X 19.5″W. 100% MONEY BACK WARRANTY – no questions asked, outstanding customer service for no-risk purchasing.

Product description

3 Pack Adult Bib

Color: Green

Adult Bib Protector Waterproof Backing & Optional Crumb Catcher

Provides a fully waterproof vinyl backing that keeps your clothing clean & dry.

A removable crumb catcher collects food items as they drop.

Adjustable high-quality snaps for ease of use.

Snap closure at neck

Reusable at Home and Wherever You Go

The way a crumb catcher works is pretty much just as it sounds- whereas regular adult bibs are designed to merely protect clothing from falling food, this type actively catches those pieces of food, and collects them within a handy tray at the bottom. In this way, those who have extra difficulty with eating will find that they are no longer dropping large portions of their otherwise perfectly edible meal on the floor and having to go with smaller portions as a result. They are the perfect way of preventing physical conditions from getting in the way of enjoyment of food, as no longer does any have to go to waste.

Caretaker Friendly

These crumb catchers also make carers’ jobs a lot easier, by cutting down on mess dramatically. Since a regular adult may find that after eating, there’s a lot of mess left behind. This raises the problem of having to do extra cleaning after meals, but the crumb catcher bib can completely eliminate this problem.

Independent Ease of Use

3 Pack Adult Bib everything is neatly collected in the built-in tray. Just empty it afterward and you’ve saved an enormous amount of cleaning time. Finally, crumb catchers can go a long way to helping people retain a sense of independence while eating. They might require someone to help them eat without making a mess, which can be a rather shameful experience, as one of the most basic parts of life is now too much for them to cope with on their own.

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Color: Green

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