16 oz. Prevention Antibacterial Non-Alcohol Mouth Rinse 12/CS #1 Doctor Recommended


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Prevention Antibacterial No Alcohol Mouth Rinse – Fights Plaque & Gingivitis, Kills Bacteria, Helps Soothe Mouth Sores, Zinc/Hydrogen Peroxide Formula, Safe For All Ages. Over The Counter.

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Alcohol Free Mouth Rinse

Prevention’s Daily Care Mouth Rinse is the answer to all your dental woes, no matter what they are! Our team of dental scientists developed this proprietary daily oral care treatment to not only manage soreness and sensitivity but also to maintain overall dental hygiene and health, so dental issues are kept at a minimum. Our formula is created without alcohol, fluoride, harsh chemicals, dyes, and artificial flavors, so you can rest assured that your mouth rinse is not doing the opposite of what it’s intended to do and causing you additional problems. What’s more, its soothing mint flavor will leave your mouth feeling refreshed and clean for up to 12 hours! Key Components of Daily Care: Hydrogen Peroxide: Targets only harmful anaerobic bacteria Pure Glycerin: Rehydrates mouth & moisturizes oral cavities Sodium Citrate & Zinc Chloride: Curbs bad breath Daily Care Features: Helps maintain clean teeth and healthy gums Combats bad breath Soothes tissue inflammation Promotes healing of ulcerations Protects mucosal lining Reduces oral sensitivity Hydrates dry mouth Long-lasting; 12-hour effectiveness Refreshing mint flavor from natural menthol & peppermint oil Safe for kids ages 2 & up Directions: Do not dilute. Alcohol Free Mouth Rinse after brushing, vigorously swish 1 capful of rinse or more between teeth and gums for 1 minute. Use 3 to 5 times daily. Ingredients: deionized water, hydrogen peroxide, USP natural glycerin, poloxamer 407, sodium lauryl sulfate, disodium EDTA, peppermint oil, sodium citrate, sodium saccharin, citric acid, zinc chloride, menthol Try Prevention Daily Care today! Your teeth and gums will thank you.

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