5 Mode Sonic Toothbrush



The revolutionary magnetic levitation acoustic vibration technology creates a high frequency sound wave vibration of 38000 times per minute, thoroughly cleaning between teeth and leaving nowhere for plaque to hide!

• Magnetic Levitation Acoustic Vibration Technology
• Automatic Memory – After each brushing the toothbrush will remember the last selected mode
• Intelligent Zone Change Reminder
• LED charging display: Red when charging, green when fully charged
• One-button operation
• USB Charging Port
• 600mAh battery with a DC5C-1A charging rate
• 8 Hour charging time will last for 7-15 days on a single charge
• DuPont high quality soft bristle head
• IPX7 waterproof

5 Cleaning Modes:
1. Standard Clean – 2-minute standard mode
2. Polish – Puts a high polish on your teeth
3. Mild – for a gentler clean in sensitive areas
4. Whitening – 2-minute standard mode + 30 second polish
5. Sensitive – Use for sensitive teeth

Package Includes:
• 1x Sonic Electric Toothbrush Base
• 4x Brush Heads
• 1x Soft Gum/Tongue Brush
• 1x Brush Head Cover
• 1x USB Power Cord (outlet plug not included)
• 1x Instruction Manual

Available Colors: White, Black

SKU: D0102HXM3T6