Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches


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Table of Contents

Understanding the Lifts
Learning & Teaching the Lifts
Individual Variation
Facility & Equipment
Warming Up
Breathing & Trunk Rigidity
The Squat
Foot Positions & Transition
The Hook Grip
The Double Knee Bend
Starting Position Principles

The Snatch
Introduction to the Snatch
The Receiving Position
Learning the Snatch
Pulling from the Floor
Understanding the Snatch

The Clean
Introduction to the Clean
The Receiving Position
Learning the Clean
Pulling from the Floor
Understanding the Clean

The Jerk
Introduction to the Jerk
The Receiving Position
Learning the Jerk
Understanding the Jerk
The Clean & Jerk

Error Correction
Introduction to Error Correction
Universal Errors
Snatch Errors
Clean Errors
Jerk Errors

Program Design & Training
Introduction to Program Design
Training Variables
Jump Training
Assistance Work
The Bulgarian Method
Specific Populations
The Program Design Process
Restoration & Recovery
Training Practices
Sample Training Programs

Supplemental Exercises
Introduction to Supplemental Exercises
Snatch Exercises
Clean Exercises
Jerk Exercises
General Exercises

Nutrition & Bodyweight
Introduction to Nutrition

Mobility & Flexibility
Introduction to Mobility
Self-Myofascial Release


Olympic Weightlifting Guide

Since soon after its unique delivery in 2008, Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes and Coaches has been the most famous book on the game of weightlifting on the planet and has turned into the standard text for learning and showing the grab and clean and jerk. This all new third version has been extended north of 150 pages with amended and further developed parts, new sections, further developed association, more tables and charts, more than 600 photos, further developed comprehensibility, and further developed reference usefulness with a file, glossary and extended list of chapters. The book presents a total movement for competitors and mentors beginning with basic components, for example, breath control and trunk adjustment, crouching, equilibrium and weight dissemination, heating up, individual variety; attempting to finish learning and showing movements for the grab, quick lift; covering preparing program plan broadly, including evaluation for selecting and new lifters, and 16 example preparing programs; specialized mistake remedy, supplemental activities, sustenance, bodyweight control, and versatility; and an exhaustive area on rivalry to get ready the two lifters and mentors. “Basically the best book accessible on Olympic weightlifting.

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